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What's in the Bag, Man?


We haven't heard from either of these two ladies in a while, so we're dropping in on them for a little bit in Episode 204! The next time you're stuck in someone else's body, be mindful that your host might not be as much of a lush as you are! More on Pinky and Julian later.

So it's come to my attention that there might be some interest in OHP t-shirts. If so, things could be arranged! We tried once before a while ago, but the amount of the response was pretty low. If you think you'd be willing to wave the OHP flag (y'know, for real money), leave some comments! Anything would be helpful for gauging interest: character preferences, colors, what-have-you. Talk to me!

My e-mail server seems to be completely messed up lately. It's really annoying! If you've written me and I haven't responded, I might not have gotten it. Sorry! Try it again or leave me a PM on the forum. I'm hoping to have this ironed out pronto.

Oh god, did you hear that Alien Hominid HD is coming to the Live Arcade today? Finally, something worth downloading! Now, if only those rumors of Symphony of the Night and Ikaruga hold true (and like, become available next week and the week after that), we'll be SET. Oh and uh, the Behemoth? We're still waiting for Castle Crashers.

Speaking of awesome games, the Metal Slug Anthology comes out for PS2 and PSP in a couple days. All is well in the Land of Gaming... for now.

We Cheat and We Lie (Boys Will Be Boys).


It's time for another new Episode! If brute force won't stop her, what will? Next week, a little change of pace.

The tablet problem has been sorted out! Thanks for the helpful tips, y'all. I was getting worried that I'd bought a lemon, but all it needed was a little kick in the software. These things are finicky! I've really been wanting to do some oekaki lately (especially with a new tablet to break in), but my desire to draw smut has been close to nil these days. I dunno what it is. Where'd my libido go? (Answer: Jamaican holiday)

T-Minus 2 days and counting until Operation: EA comes to an end. Not looking forward to job hunting again, but such is the nature of the contractor. On the plus side, I've not been real happy where I'm working, so this is good incentive to find a better job ASAP. Times like this make me wish there was some way to make a living off of OHP. Oh, to be Internet Famous!

Closencounters just had a site redesign, so now's a good time to start reading if you've never checked it out. It's a cute sci-fi print comic that's being translated into (broken, but readable) English for the Web. Plenty of ample-chested alien girlies and roommate-type tomfoolery... no wonder I like it so much!

Readers! It's that time of the week again. Episode 202! Julian isn't ready to go down without a fight, and if there's a way to get out of this situation alive, he's got a good chance of finding it. Did you know that Julian is the scrappiest bounty hunter in the known universe? It's true!

I'm having an annoying problem with my tablet. The cursor has gotten the jitters, and it seems especially bad when set to relative mode. I know that tablets are adversely affected by magnetic fields (like monitors and speakers), and I do have a subwoofer under my desk, but I can't seem to get it to stop even if I move it across the room. Anybody know any good tricks to get the darn thing to calm down?

Good lord I have been so tired the past month. Make the overtime stop!

Sheep May Safely Graze.


Julian has, rather unfortunately, grossly underestimated little Pinky. With nowhere left to run and a bloodthirsty munchkin eager to paint the airlock with his guts, what's a handsome bounty hunting prince to do?! The answer is forthcoming.

I'm getting laid off in a couple weeks. Frankly, I couldn't be happier. It saves me the trouble of having to quit. I'll have a full report for y'all once the deal is done, and you'll get a glimpse into the wild and wacky world of video game development. The truth may shock you.

It seems like a billion webcomix I used to read died or went on indefinite hold along with OHP in 2006. What the nuts happened? What an awful year. Everyone had better come back in 2007, or I'll be a sad panda.

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