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Well hello there, boys and girls. I've clawed my way back into your world from the clutches of death, and come bearing gifts from BEYOND THE GRAVE (cue lightning, thunder, etc.). First and foremost is a slightly dusty Episode 284, which has minimal shelf wear and is in near-mint condition. Just when things are looking grim for Jinny, Sarge finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Not Big Red, though, she can chew just fine.

Second, which you've probably already seen if you've browsed the comments on the last entry, is a couple of new oekaki. Jinny fans, rejoice! Zukie fans can also rejoice, but maybe slightly less, since she's no stranger to the oekaki scene.

Third, I finally updated the gifts page, because god damn was it out of date. Like, four years out of date? Really? Fuck. Despite my weak update-fu, Gabo drew a totally fantastic Ruby, as he's prone to doing. Thanks again, man! You rock my world.

Thanks for sticking around, attractive reader! I know sometimes it seems like OHP is on the ropes, but rest assured that I'm still at it. I have a bunch of real life stuff kicking my ass lately, but as I've found time and again, true happiness can be found only in the stylus.

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