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Open-Face Knuckle Sandwich.


Comic's up. Will that poor girl finally get back inside and get some clothes on?! Haven't we been asking this very same question for weeks?! LAWDY!

I did a little oekaki. First one in a while; I keep stopping, because I've been having trouble thinking of random stuff to draw. So here's something random. Enjoy!

There is some totally awesome gift art this week! Like, completely amazingly awesome. Two gifts from Monsieur Ink: One is a recruitment poster for aspiring bounty hunters (so cool, check it out!), and the second is a little costume play for Halloween. From RSJ, somethin' a bit NORTY... Julian's doing some Halloween dress-up of his own (probably not safe for work!). From Quark, a darling little maid Pepito amidst a sea of SEXY and CUTE ladies (and Carrot, who is not a lady). From Gravitation, a familiar scene from early on involving a sandwich. And from Erin, a snazzy little link button featuring Moped Rika. Thanks so much, you guys! Gift art is seriously the best part of doing a webcomic.

Also, I added a few links on the right there. One to my journal (which contains lots of boring GD ranting), one to my SA account (it's pretty much the same stuff here, only with less digging), and one to OHP's history (which got lost in the news archives before, whoops!). I'll be adding more to the history lesson soon.

In closing, can I ask the people or robots who are spamming my MT comments with ads for coffee and card games to please drop dead? Of cancer? Thanks.

Things are finally starting to come together, as things often do in comics if you give them enough time. Don't ask me how she was planning on defending herself with an umbrella, I don't know either.

Not much news this week! I beat Silent Hill 4, so now I can finally give it a (permanent) rest. Neo Contra was a huge disappointment, since it was way too easy. What a waste of 40 bucks! There isn't even a harder difficulty to pick. And that's honestly the only thing wrong with the game. If it was just HARDER, it'd be grand.

Piss. No sooner do I sign up for PayDirect than Yahoo! decides to shut it down. CRY.

I have nothing else to complain about currently!

We interrupt this pitched battle between B. Queen and Pepito to bring you back up to speed on Rika's dilemma! What, you didn't think I'd take full advantage of that cliffhanger? Tsk tsk.

The vast majority of you have the suspicion that either Ruby or Julian are the prime target of Queen's intergalactic manhunt... interesting, indeed! Well, while you continue to chew on that one, I've whipped up another poll. I'm actually sort of interested in how people have been finding OHP, so... tell me, why don'tcha!

I guess there's some sort of new e-mail virus that's going around for you Windows blokes out there, judging by the recent surge of Internet Vomit landing in my inbox. People, seriously, do yourself and your friends a favor: buy a virus scanner. Or better yet, buy a Mac.

For everyone who hasn't yet witnessed the sheer awesome that is Sockbaby, click that link. Y'all remember Earthworm Jim and the Neverhood, right? Creator Doug TenNapel tries his hand at live-action martial arts (on a shoestring budget), and the result is fucking hilarious. Watch, and be amazed. Sham bam bamina!

Alien Hominid comes out in a few days! So does Neo Contra! I'm a happy camper.

My, Earth Really Is Full of Things.


A splash this week, as I'm heading out of town for der Geburtstag meiner Mutter. This spread is a spoof on a relatively well-known comic cover by Hirohiko Araki, of JoJo fame... because I am a big nerd. And because it's an uncanny fit! Too bad Pepito doesn't have Star Platinum to help her out...

I'm probably forgetting something, but I can't think of any news off the top of my head. Till next week, folks!

P.S. I've enabled comments on my news posts.

Royal Rainbow!

Uh oh! How quickly the tables turn! This is bad news for little Pepito, she seems to have underestimated the competition! Bad move.

There's a cute gift this week from tani! Julian is looking particularly styling and princely. Thanks again!

Games! I've been playing them on and off since I got back in between drawing, class, and sleep. Here's the brief breakdown:

Silent Hill 4: Holy disappointment, Batman! I feel guilty paying full price for this, it's so mediocre.

Katamari Damacy: Seriously the best thing I've played in the last few years. That's no exaggeration.

Gradius V: HARD. Brain-rapingly hard. I love it!

Monsieur Niko gave me a heads up about an upcoming game that I am actually salivating over: Alien Hominid. Appears to be the spiritual successor to the Metal Slug series (hitting consoles soon, from independent developer the Behemoth), and I'll be damned if it doesn't look positively JUICY. Look at that! Seriously, watch the video. Is that shit not completely amazing? The bosses look incredible. The Hammer & Sickle boss is just... genius. I love you, the Behemoth. You're getting my dollars as soon as this hits the shelves.

I had to disable donations with PayPal a couple days ago since I found out about their totally awesome new policy concerning adult content. In a nutshell: If you have any kind of adult content on your site, and that site uses any function of PayPal whatsoever, not only will they close your account and seize your funds, but they'll also stick you with a nice little $500 fine. You know, because the amount of havoc you're wreaking on the PayPal servers totals roughly 500 dollars. After searching around for alternatives, I settled on Yahoo! PayDirect, because they seem pretty decent. All you need to donate is a Yahoo! account, some money, and you're good to go. If there's anything screwy going on (or if they try to hit you with any surcharges I didn't catch when signing up...), PLEASE tell me. Thanks!

Okay, that's it.

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