We Cheat and We Lie (Boys Will Be Boys).


It's time for another new Episode! If brute force won't stop her, what will? Next week, a little change of pace.

The tablet problem has been sorted out! Thanks for the helpful tips, y'all. I was getting worried that I'd bought a lemon, but all it needed was a little kick in the software. These things are finicky! I've really been wanting to do some oekaki lately (especially with a new tablet to break in), but my desire to draw smut has been close to nil these days. I dunno what it is. Where'd my libido go? (Answer: Jamaican holiday)

T-Minus 2 days and counting until Operation: EA comes to an end. Not looking forward to job hunting again, but such is the nature of the contractor. On the plus side, I've not been real happy where I'm working, so this is good incentive to find a better job ASAP. Times like this make me wish there was some way to make a living off of OHP. Oh, to be Internet Famous!

Closencounters just had a site redesign, so now's a good time to start reading if you've never checked it out. It's a cute sci-fi print comic that's being translated into (broken, but readable) English for the Web. Plenty of ample-chested alien girlies and roommate-type tomfoolery... no wonder I like it so much!


Been thinkin' about reviving that t-shirt idea, actually. I'd started on a design a long time ago, but lost interest when no-one expressed any interest in buying one. If there's an interest, though, well! That's a horse of a different color.

Babbit, re: Pinky - That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it! :B Also, I may have forgotten to include them repeatedly.

Chatterbox - I do have a Gaia account, and it's probably the one you're looking at. I don't use it, though. E-mail me if you'd like to talk, gdk AT gd-kun DOT net.


GD, This is the only way of talking with you that I could find... If you are the same GD from Gaia, I assume so because this site was in his profile... Could you please Pm me I would like to discuss things with you.


SMUTTY RUBY&RIKA OEKAKI! That would be... Amazing.

I'd rock an OHP t-shirt, seriously.

Ya know... I just noticed something...

All of the females in OHP have that lovable and distinguishing double stripe on their cheek - except our newest little darling, Pinky! (and don't even try to pawn off the ol' hidden by pink fur routine...)

As for work, I'm out too, but I'm not going to worry until Spring. It give you time to catch up on all the stuff you've put off (selling stuff on eBay, catching up with family and friends, sleeping in late, etc.) Besides, that's what unemployment is for... ^_^

As for spare revenue, Bumper Stickers, Window Stickers (for those of us without bumpers or wanting to paste them up above the toll collection baskets), and one or two nice done T-shirts are probably a good beginning -- PLUS -- you need to get you back into and we need to get you up the charts over on BuzzComix again.

Oooooh Pinky is scary. o_o

Cute Pinky was just creepy, but I like pissed-off Pinky.

yeah! i hope you find a new job that you really enjoy doing as well, not just one that brings in the moneyz. i'm completely the reverse of the afore poster. i want this pink thing to be SMASHED LIKE THE SCUM IT IS.
grrrr! great comic! love evry update. your art's all squeaky clean and wonderful.

GAHHH, Pinky is so cute! this most recent page gave my mood a decent kick in the pants -that is, it lifted my spirits. can't wait for the next one!

PS: i love you so much for updating ohp again... on behalf of your numerous adoring fans, i beseech you, please don't leave us again! -not that any of us could possibly stop you...

also, good luck with job hunting!

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