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Thanks for being patient! Here's Episode 264. All it took was a little brute force (mechanical elbow grease, if you will) to get this escape rolling! Perhaps a little less brute force would've yielded better results, but beggars can't be choosers. As luck would have it, a certain popsicle-in-training happens to be very close by.

I really appreciate you folks sticking with me these past few months. I know it's frustrating to have the story crawl like this. I figure this is preferable to letting work get the better of me like it did during the 2006 hiatus. I'm working hard to get the pages out a little faster every update, but it's been challenging. I hope you're still digging it.

I've been playing Mother 3 on my breaks at work. It's exciting to finally get the chance to jump back into the EarthBound universe, since Itoi has a knack for making extremely funny and weird games. This is also the first RPG I've played in years, because... who has time for RPGs anymore? 80-hour epics are just too much of a time-sink these days. It takes something really special to make me want to overcome that hurdle. I was surprised with how emotionally engaging it's been. Even though it's been said that this will be the last game in the Mother series, I hope he's still planning on doing other games. Even if it takes another 12 years.

Hello again, folks. Episode 263 has arrived and is now available for your viewing pleasure. Crisis temporarily averted, thanks to a bit of the old steam power! Surely just a little more elbow grease can solve a problem like this. Might want to light a fire under it though, girls; a friend of yours is still chilling out!

Hate falling into this bi-weekly routine, it really makes the story hit the breaks. Gonna try to put a move on it this week and get the ball rolling a little faster. You folks have the patience of saints, and I hear they are pretty patient people.

There are lots of fun looking games coming out soon and I don't have the time to play any of them!

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