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Suddenly, an Episode 285 appears! Quick, Julian, grab those boots before they disappear!

I appreciate your continued patience, faithful reader! No-one likes webcomic droughts, myself included. Especially when the drought in question involves my own webcomic. Terrible! The good news in all of this is that I think I've turned the corner, as my Draw Power appears to be slowly returning.

You may have noticed that a new oekaki was posted, featuring none other than the star of a certain adult-themed comic. This has stirred all kinds of not-safe-for-work emotions within me, which will probably result in more naughty oekaki in the near future.

Finally, after 19 years, a worthy spiritual successor to Another World has been realized in Limbo. It's no small secret that I consider Another World to be the best game ever made (no, really!), so this sort of praise is not handed down lightly. Limbo delivers the kind of silent elegance rarely seen in gaming, much less puzzle platforming. The solutions to every obstacle are both logical and rewarding, which makes Limbo a pleasure to progress through. If you're a fan of the works of Eric Chahi, don't let the 15-dollar price point dissuade you. This is an absolute gem and it should not be overlooked.

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