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Quick post this week, a splash page with a mixture of sinister and... pirouette. Back to full-size updates this week, just needed the time to concentrate on academics and then properly unwinding afterwards.

Holy crap I haven't caught up on e-mail in forever. I'll totally fix that this weekend.

Uhh... the PSP seems neat, I wish I had more disposable money. Actually, I like my SP just fine. But man, portables have gotten fucking nuts all of a sudden. I still have my Game Gear tucked away somewhere... I remember when I thought it'd never get any better than that. Only now instead of Columns, there's Lumines. WHOA DUDE.

I love all of you.

She Don't Use Jelly.


Hello again, Internet! I got the Big Nasty Paper out of the way, so I was able to get back to doing stuff I actually care about, like finishing episode 148. A little more exposition concerning various gizmos, as well as a little something to help improve Queen's mood (obviously this is bad news).

There were awesome gifts this week! From Itamiko, there's a cute little Pepito sporting a snazzy new outfit. And from Van, something a little NORTY, featuring the same Miss D'bo and a certain Eve from a certain White Hydra! Even if it doesn't work, Pepito, it's for a worthy cause. Thanks a bunch, you guys!

The Whatever and Ever Amen re-release comes out in a couple days! It'll be cool to get a bunch of those B-sides on an actual album and not in crappy-sounding MP3 bootleg form. So like, hooray!

Only one more assignment left, and then I get to go home and sleep (more).

Queen's in a bit of a sour mood after being made a fool by our purple protagonists. The short ones always have short fuses, hopefully Lone's taking notes.

I oekaki-ed for the first time in a while. It's not much to look at, but you might find it amusing.

Matt Besser (Adair, of the UCB) is an awesome guy and I hope he does stand-up nearby again soon, because seeing him live was fantastic. It was surreal shaking hands with one of the guys responsible for my favorite show... ever.

Spring Break now, please. I'm tired of waiting for it.

"Live to fight another day" is the D'bo Battle Cry of choice; why fight for it when you can just run with it? Poor Queen's just too old fashioned with this dueling business.

New gifts were posted! Thanks again to Chrissa, Josh, and Rob!

If you are totally awesome, you should vote for OHP. But only if you rock. Okay, even if you don't rock, you can still vote.

Oh! If you're still one of those people wondering about whether or not you should start your own website (or just want to move to a better, cheaper server), Dreamhost has extended their triple bandwidth, triple storage deal once again (I'm starting to think it'll never stop!). Check it out!

I like MAME. I think I'm gonna play Joe & Mac instead of doing my papers.

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