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Jump Back! Wolf Pack Attack!


Now see, this new schedule is exactly what I needed. To celebrate, I made another comic. Jinny's going to be having a little bit of Quiet Time, but at least she'll be bored happy. Well, y'know, until she ends up in the brig, or taking a long walk out a short airlock.

Dude, the fanart section of the We &hearts Katamari homepage is so fantastic. Personalized comments from the King himself! I've got the urge to make Katamari arts all of a sudden.

Is it just me or is there not a whole lot happening on the Innernets lately? It feels... slow, or something.

Red Wine, White Wine, Whichever You Like.


An update! Behold, Episode 173! This is the part where all of you Jinny fans cast disapproving glares at me, and I cackle maniacally. I'll be honest, it's not often I can use the word "maniacally" in a sentence.

By the way, you might be interested to know that I've decided to change updates to Tuesdays. Lately I've really been needing the weekends to finish up, and since updates have been happening rather consistently by Tuesday the past few weeks anyway, this seems like the most logical course of action. Trivia: OHP has now officially moved Update Day completely through the weekly calendar!

I have no other exciting news. See you next Tuesday!

Hey now, Episode 172 comin' at ya. OHP's MovableType database has been repaired and upgraded; I'm not sure how long comments were down, but they're definitely working again now.

Three great pieces of gift art this week! Super Thanks go out to Amberdrake (for a fantastic Queen, Devo style), Tei (for a NORTY little number featuring our two body-swapped heroines), and Liebemaus (for a most delicious Pepito). You have made me a happy GD.

On the sad news front, OHP's Wikipedia article has been nominated for deletion (and the votes for it are overwhelming). So much for that. However! Picking up where we left off, the article has been moved over to the Comixpedia Wiki, where it should enjoy greater freedom. If you'd like to help build the article, please feel free!

I'm Lifting Off.


Hello again, readers. I come bearing Episode 171, which has a fair bit of text, but also more Jinny (for those of you who have become Jinny fans). I'm back in LA to go one more round with the old university, so updates will be resuming their weekly status. For those of you that just recently joined us during the sporadic update schedule, normal updates happen some time over the weekend.

There were two cute gifts this week, both from May Day! The first features Zukie sporting some technicolor undergarments, and the second may very well be the first piece of extras gift art I've received (it's 2% Girl, by the way)! Thanks again!

I do believe I'm just about caught up on my e-mail, now! There's only handful left that need replies, and I'll try to polish them off in the next few days.

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