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Well, practically three weeks have gone by since the last update. Turns out the block wasn't quite ready to be overcome, but I'll be honest about some of the reason behind it. First, here's the latest page.

As of the last couple weeks, I've been stressing about the comic and how it's going to evolve with competing aspects of my life, and my career especially. What I've decided is that, most likely, the presentation of OHP is going to change (if you've been following my journal, then you're already aware of the angst involved around the subject). While I love making a pixel-based comic, it's an extremely time-intensive undertaking that is rather drastically affected by a plethora of factors (my mood, solar flares, etc.). I just don't have the time to do this anymore. As is, it takes over the majority of my waking life, and I know it's only a matter of time before this starts making me extremely unhappy. Thing is, I love making OHP.

The solution? A more traditional style of digital illustration, at print resolution. As the artists among you may know, drawing at print resolution is a whole lot easier than drawing at screen resolution, since resizing tends to hide most (if not all) technical mistakes. The only downside to this change is that OHP will cease to be a pixel-based comic... the upside is that it should come out a lot faster, possibly even multiple updates a week once I build up some momentum. It'll take a week or two of adjustment, however, since I'll need to pick more appropriate fonts, create new speech bubble templates, and a few other things. This may be a little jarring at first, but it's a good thing. At least, it sounds good on paper. So hey!

There's been some swanky fan-art the past couple of weeks, so I'll get to updating and replying!

Now Key Her Up, and Throw Away the Lock!


I've got a creative block like nobody's business. No reason in particular, as far as I can tell, it just came out of nowhere. I think I'm getting over it, but damn, that's annoying. Probably for you, too. I made this comic, though, just for you. Don't say I never did anything for you!

I've decided that one of my projects, now that I'm graduated and I've got all my smartz, is to really polish this site up so that it'll be the pinnacle of my professional portfolio. I'm nerding out and buying myself an O'Reilly book on PHP, teaching myself how to use it properly, and whipping OHP's site into shape. It will happen. I have a tendency to let stuff like this fall by the wayside, but this is one of those things that I really need to do if I plan on being serious about making a career out of this sort of thing. Let the chaos begin!

The OHP World Domination Map is some 200 strong, now!

I Can't Control My Feet.


Hope you all had a happy holiday season! I know lots of folks get depressed and sour around this time of the year, but I honestly love it. Not only is my birthday wedged in there, but it's the perfect excuse to be completely 'faced and merry with friends and family for about two solid weeks. Pepito and Zukie are here to try and spread some of that holiday cheer like only they know how; if only Ruby could appreciate their generosity!

Story resumes next week. See you then!

P.S. The OHP World Domination Map continues to grow!

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