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Have a comic! I must apologize to those of you who follow my doings via the RSS feed: I updated MovableType, and decided to try to get full syndication working again while I was at it... Naturally, I didn't actually accomplish anything. That is, aside from somehow resetting the dates for a bunch of the entries, which most likely showed up as 15 new news posts in your readers. Oops. I may have to just break down and ask somebody to help me with this eventually.

I'm still answering e-mail, by the way. I'll definitely get back to everyone by the end of the day, I've just got a couple week's worth of catching up to do. I'm unfortunately pretty pokey with that sort of thing. That said, there's been some cool fan art this week; I'll upload and link that soon, too. Lord, I am such a SLOW.

Everybody go buy the new Ben Folds albums. Go on! That's the spirit.

Glory to the Moon! Mercy on the Earth!


Comic time! This is what is known as a Bad Sign. Keep your fingers crossed for Rika, she can use the extra luck right about now.

Guess what! This week there is a totally amazing gift! blackmyst fights the good fight and presents us with The Sexiest Anya Ever (NSFW). Seriously, look at that. Lawdy! Thanks again, sir! You rock my world.

I want my tax refund right now. I don't care that I just mailed it last week!

P.S. I just fixed the opacity on some missing graphics in the last panel.

P.S.S. Okay, I fucking give up on trying to work on the RSS feed for tonight. I don't understand XML at all.

Can I Speak to Nathaniel Merriweather?


Sorry for the delay, had some College Things to attend to during the week and didn't have much time to draw. At any rate, here is the latest episode. With friends like these... well, they kinda occupy that strange middle ground between friend and enemy, anyway. Hopefully Rika took a deep breath.

This week, Amberdrake presents an adorable gift! Anya's psychic powers let her know exactly what the horn-dogs at Fearsome are planning on drawing... For shame! What a cutie, thanks again! This is the second Anya gift, by the way!

In case you missed the amendment to the last post, I reorganized the chapters of OHP. The current chapter is now number 5. To see the results, take a look through the archives (and tell me if I messed anything up!).

Till next week!

Okay, I'll be real honest with you. I was toying with the idea of partaking in the April First Shenanigans that run rampant in the webcomics world, but then I became concerned that my attempt might turn out lame. The odds just weren't in my favor! I made a normal comic. You'll have to cope.

I've reformatted the chapters of OHP. What does that mean for you, the reader? Not a whole lot, except that the archives should be a little easier to navigate now. The current chapter is now number five; and actually, chapter five is almost over!

Chapters are going to be a bit shorter from this point on. This really isn't going to have any huge impacts on the comic itself (except that now a chapter can be completed in under a year... HAH), but it's worth mentioning to avoid confusion. Hypothetically, this might also make organizing the story for a print collection a whole lot easier. Hypothetically, you understand!

The past week's been mostly a blur thanks to the assistance of my Bay Area running buddies. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, I need to sleep forever. You should vote, though! It's a new month, after all. And if you notice anything completely out of whack with the archives, drop me a line, leave a comment, or jump on the forums. Thanks!

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