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I Kick Ass for the Lord!


With Episode 235, we conclude Chapter 7! Lanogan prepares young Prince Julian for the business end of android philosophy! How will he make it out of this one, I ask you?! Stay tuned.

I must apologize for the break in my stride near the end, there. I'm going to recharge my batteries a little before starting up the next chapter. Chapter 8 will most likely kick off near the beginning of December, though a solid date will be posted in the next few days. During the break, I'd like to build up a small reservoir of pages again, since that worked out extremely well during the earlier part of 2007. Oekaki is on the itinerary, as well. I will keep you posted!

While you wait, I would highly recommend both Octopus Pie and Rice Boy, each of which are wonderful ways to lose half a day or more in Webcomix Land.

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