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Eh? Woolong Tea Service?

Comic time?! There are a few lessons to be learned here: 1) The cute ones are never as harmless as they initially seem; 2) Garbage cans are versatile; 3) No matter how cool you think you are, nobody can be cool with a shiner.

I'm moving back to Los Angeles this weekend (for the second time...), so I'm skipping this week to give myself proper moving/unpacking/preparing/recouping time. Then, it's back to semi-regular comic updates. Hooray!

I updated MovableType to version 3.11. Good stuff.

There were three awesome gifts since the last update! The D'bo love is in full force. Alluvial delivers a naughty little number with Pepito and a little self-insertion (no pun intended). instantphoenix has made an animated Pepito that is totally freaking cool (watch... she smiles!); this would officially be the first piece of animated OHP art, you beat me to the punch! Last but not least, Don Bob shows the sisters up to no good with Rika's wardrobe again; gotta admit, it's a solid plan. Thanks a bunch, y'all!

Thanks for putting up with my bogus schedule this summer! See you next weekend!

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (If You Play a Certain Song).

For a space pirate, Pepito is usually pretty meek. There's really two things that bring her out of her shell: coming between her and love, and coming between her and her sister. Looks like Queen's about to learn that the hard way!

Holy Jesus, if there aren't gifts up the wazoo! Pepito and Queen get the majority of the love this week, but Zukie and Ruby see a little, too! I'd like to thank Mamabliss, Zamora, Chibi, Lurky, and Allyson once more, because y'all rock my world. Thank you!

Something totally amazing happened, by the way: THEY MADE A GOOD VIDEO GAME MOVIE. It finally happened! Go see Resident Evil: Apocalypse! It's everything the first one wanted to be. It outshines every video game movie to date. It's packed to the gills with references and homages to the series. Nemesis with his bazooka is LOVE.

Okay, I need to sleep and never wake up now. Bye!

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