What's in the Bag, Man?


We haven't heard from either of these two ladies in a while, so we're dropping in on them for a little bit in Episode 204! The next time you're stuck in someone else's body, be mindful that your host might not be as much of a lush as you are! More on Pinky and Julian later.

So it's come to my attention that there might be some interest in OHP t-shirts. If so, things could be arranged! We tried once before a while ago, but the amount of the response was pretty low. If you think you'd be willing to wave the OHP flag (y'know, for real money), leave some comments! Anything would be helpful for gauging interest: character preferences, colors, what-have-you. Talk to me!

My e-mail server seems to be completely messed up lately. It's really annoying! If you've written me and I haven't responded, I might not have gotten it. Sorry! Try it again or leave me a PM on the forum. I'm hoping to have this ironed out pronto.

Oh god, did you hear that Alien Hominid HD is coming to the Live Arcade today? Finally, something worth downloading! Now, if only those rumors of Symphony of the Night and Ikaruga hold true (and like, become available next week and the week after that), we'll be SET. Oh and uh, the Behemoth? We're still waiting for Castle Crashers.

Speaking of awesome games, the Metal Slug Anthology comes out for PS2 and PSP in a couple days. All is well in the Land of Gaming... for now.


OhP tee-shirts? Well I have a "Hell Yes!" to that! I would love to be walking around baring the flag of Ohp! mwahahaha

:O I would definitely buy an OHP shirt! Personally, I wouldn't be too picky as far as the designage goes, I pretty much like all of the characters XD;

I like Mai because she has small boobs like me. :3

Hahaha, Julian was so cute in the last panel. :'d


Well, seeing I kicked this off, I might as well chime in... ^_^

I'd grab at least 1 or 2 different T-shirts that would look good on stage while playing a 5 string Fender Jazz Bass. ^_^ After that and the bumper stickers take off, then you can turn towards more seasonal offerings like Anya's Valentines Day role playing and surprise package, the Zukie and Pepito dingle ball on a spring headbands for Halloween, the Ruby Maxim "Rock'em Sock'em Robots" for Xmas, and of course, the custom OHP Tarot card deck!

A poll would probably be a good idea. My suggestion: keep it to 6 designs max and take the top 2 or 3 with more to come as people begin to accost us on the street asking where they can get one. Blue, green, and tan are a nice colors too, although boring white is cheaper to start off with.

Hey, how about a simple pocket T-shirt with the dingle ball printed coming up out of the pocket opening or polo shirts with an embroidered OHP dingle ball logo instead of that silly horse or alligator?

Either way, put me down for 2 shirts and a headband... ^_^

Dude you should DEFINATLEY update more often, I nearly die waiting a whole seven days for a new installment, thsi is eaily in my top five comics, pretty much second to only Questionable Content.

colored lineart over a colored shirt would be nice and not so obvious that it wouldn't be worn in public. i don't know how the whole "design your own shirts and sell them over the internet" thing works but maybe you could draw up a few designs and have us vote on them; i also suggest that you don't limit your apparel creations solely to ohp art; your kachina, for instance, is a badass design.

personally, i really like your 'public service announcement' oekaki and i wouldn't mind wearing that -although i'd change the message to say "EAT MEAT" to make it even more obvious :p the 'gayer than thou' oekaki would also make for an interesting design if colored -although i'm not so sure i'd be comfortable wearing that. i also really like the 'panicked pepito' icon just because it's cute... i'm going to stop now before i quote your entire library as wearable :p

PS: i hope i'm not offending you by suggesting a commercialization of your art; if it means anything, i don't think it'd diminish it.

also, ruby/mai's back is

PSS: for us less muscular guys, might i suggest longer sleeved t-shirts such that the sleeves end right at or just above the elbow and not at the bicep. i'm not too sure what those are called but i vastly prefer shirts with longer sleeves. also, just to recommend two brands off the top of my head, 'fruit of the loom' and 'gildan' make good, well cut, comfortable, breathable shirts and unless we're talking about long sleeves, winterwear, or tank tops, fuck hanes, seriously. i don't like the way their shirts are cut and i don't like the fabric they're cut from; their t-shirts are some of the least comfortable that i've ever had the displeasure of wearing.

It would be cool if the tshirts were in a pinkish/purplish color, but I don't think that would go well with a long-sleeved.
I just don't like the look of a white tshirt with a picture on it, kind of makes it look cheap.

As for characters.. Well the D'bo sisters. :o
Oh oh and the queen. :D

I'll take an OHP shirt as long as it's in my size (3x - 4x) and has a SFW pic of Zukie and Pepito on it.


If you managed to get some "baseball" shirts (essentially long-sleeved t-shirts with the sleaves a different color) 3/4 sleeve length in neat colors (olive/tan, gray/powder blue, etc.), you'de have something fairly unique that's really cool and swanky. I imagine you could make some really neat pop-art type stuff, but I'd settle for simple pics of any of the cast (especially the D'Bo sisters or Rika/Mai) with the focus on style rather than sex-appeal. I'd rawk a well-done and stylish OHP shirt forever.

A scene like strip #42 would make a neat shirt graphic.

Might be cool to post a bunch of designs and post a poll or something for each idea. You probably know the limits of your budget and resources alot better than us.

I'll shaddup now. :3

Oh! Oh! I would love an OHP shirt, very seriously. As for any ideas, I think choosing colors beyond the standard white or black is always really keen. That's something I really like about Achewood's shirts, they come in a variety of other perfectly wearable colors, like green and brown and blue and so on. Character preference wise, it's so hard to choose! D: Maybe bring back the polls to see who's the big crowd-pleaser when it comes to apparel?

Hope that helps some. Stay groovy!

Hey! An OHP shirt would be totally awesome. I'd buy one for sure, maybe two as long as cute girls were involved in the design somehow.

I would love an OHP shirt!! :D!

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