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I am an unstoppable juggernaut of Sunday updates. Believe it or not, the Classy Lady in panel one took the longest out of everything that needed to be drawn in this strip. Why'd the extra end up giving me so much trouble?!

Oh man, last week of class. The nigh-completeness is palpable.

Today I'm Dreamin' of Yesterdays.


Episode 164! Mai definitely has her priorities; whether or not they're in the right order, well... that's a different story altogether.

Not much to say this week... Hey, I'd really like to thank y'all for tackling the OHP Wikipedia entry the past few days! It already looks 100% better! If anyone else would like to go even further, feel free! You guys are awesome.

There now. Sunday night updates are a step in the right direction. Have Episode 163, full of almost-the-weekend flavor. As much as Mai likes taking Ruby's rack for a test drive, the idea of spending the rest of her life as a cyborg is not quite so appealing at the moment.

There were some really awesome gifts this week! Zamora whipped up a positively scrumptious pairing of Rika and Mai, Emerarudo made an adorable Mai, and Jos sent in a fantastic Ruby. Thanks again, you guys!

And now, a date with the mattress.

God dang, another late one. Episode 162 happened, though! More Mai and Ruby tom-foolery for the discerning OHP reader. I looked over some of the older pages over the weekend and LAWDY if the drawing style doesn't look like it was done by a completely different person in the early strips.

I gotta recuperate from a crappy sleep schedule, now. I'll tell you what, though. I'm gonna do my damnedest to have the next update at least happen on the freakin' weekend this time. Playing catch-up gives me the fits.

What a late comic post this is! Summer quarter started and I've been ridicu-busy, which is kind of a drag. But, I've got work to do, so... I had to wait for some free time to come up. So at last, the meeting! And this time, no aphrodisiac-induced stupor to get in the way of lucid conversation! Mai's having a terrible time keeping Ruby's melon from getting dinged up, though.

I've set up a new forum! After things at EBP started winding down, I decided I'd try my hand at running my own forum again. It's a little slow right now (nowhere near as big as the former gd-kun.net forum, which in its heyday was a bandwidth juggernaut), but if you sign up, you can help change that! It's also doubling as a forum for Fearsome, so if you lurk there, you can sign up and chat even if you don't post pictures. See you there, hopefully!

Don't forget that OHP has a new domain! ourhomeplanet.net is easier to say and is about one million times more relevant to the comic.

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