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Oh my goodness, this is Episode 200! Two hundreds pages of comics, folks. I know that as far as webcomix go, that's generally not terribly impressive... but damn, does it make me feel good. We fell just short before the hiatus, and times seemed grim... but now I feel like the cosmic order of things has ultimately been righted.

There's a new gift to celebrate! Red Number Nine made a super cute pic of Anya and Pinky (Pinky might now have the Fastest Fanart for a New Character award!) to commemorate OHP's return. Thanks again!

Fantastic things are happening in fighting anime these days! Did you know that there's a new series of Fist of the North Star movies coming out? Each one centers around a different character in the FOTNS universe, and they seem to jump around the entire storyline... the first one, featuring everybody's favorite renegade asshole martial artist with aspirations of world domination, just recently hit stores in Japan... and has been fansubbed over here. Also, trailers have been posted... for a new JoJo movie, based on the first series! You know you want to see Zepelli punch a rock through a frog. Check the Special section for Awesome.

That's all the exciting news I have for now. Until next time!

You Won't Believe What Mr. Stitches Saw.


Once again, it's time for another episode. This week: 199. You didn't really think fighting fair meant doing things yourself, did you? We have a new face joining us this time: she's housebroken, affectionate, and healthy, but not too good around children. She can get a little violent if she has to compete for attention.

The RSS feed doesn't seem to be updating correctly. Is anyone having problems getting it to load new articles in their reader?

Now, you might be thinking that since this is a sci-fi comic, I might be somewhat interested in science fiction. This would be most astute of you, and it should therefore surprise you very little that I recommend seeing Children of Men. It's so rare to get good sci-fi drama at the movies these days.

Till next week!

I've Covered Wars, You Know.


Incoming Episode 198! Those of you reading for the chicks will be glad to see who's back.

The art section has been updated. Nothing new, but the wallpapers can now be found in one convenient place. I recently found one of my sketchbooks from college with a bunch of random cartoons for some project I was doing. I'll do some scanning this week.

My mood and general sense of well-being have both improved since I started up the comic again. For better or worse, I guess that means I'm in this cartooning thing for the long haul. Working at EA is still driving me nuts, but this keeps me sane. Actually, no. Not sane, happy. To hell with sane, that shit's for the birds.

Hahah! Noses on Dowels.


Hello again! I've got Episode 197 for you right here.

I'll be making my annual trip to the Moscone Center later today for MacWorld. It hasn't been very good in recent years in terms of crazy swag, but it's always a decent way to kill half a day and occasionally buy toys for slight discounts. Plus, I get to play hooky from work, which is always good.

Dead Rising continues to be super fun. But GOODNESS is that text tiny. It sucks when game developers make HD games that don't play nice with standard TVs. Not all of us can afford HDTVs, guys! Give us a break.

That's all for now. I'll be updating the site with some things I did last year that I never got around to uploading.

Wendy, Darling, Light of My Life...


I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm just gonna post Episode 196.

Happy New Year, folks! Personally, I'm glad to see 2006 come to an end. It was not the best year of my life, and from the sound of it, a lot of you had a similar problem. I'm hopeful that 2007 will be a much more productive and pleasant year for everyone.

I'm really enjoying Dead Rising, but I'm not very good at it. I'm something of a Romero fan, so playing this thing is tapping into the very center of my Zombie Pleasure Node. Honestly, though, it makes me wonder what'd happen if Romero himself were to direct a survival horror game. Would it be awesome? Would his artistic oeuvre, as it were, hold up as an interactive experience? These are questions that game developers should be asking and pursuing. He practically invented the zombie, for fuck's sake. Get this man on the payroll.

Y'all were pretty quiet last week! I didn't scare you off, did I?

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