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You've Got to Say the Number.

Episode 111, anyone? Wow, this update actually happened on a Friday! Well, Friday night, but Friday nonetheless! Three cheers!

There's a really, really sexy new gift from Patches this week! She's made Rika look absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS. Thanks again!

Short news post! Oh, I almost forgot! It's a new month, so please give OHP a vote or two! Thanks!

Comic time! Hey, it's still the weekend, even! Wow. Quite a rarity these days, it seems!

There are two absolutely fabulous new gifts this week! From Mr. Lesnick we have a Powerfully Sexy pairing of Rika and Mai (Uh oh! Nudity!), and from Min we've got a very, very (very) cute Pepito. The answer to her question is yes, by the way! Thanks so much, you guys. :D

No other news for now. SEE YOU.

Casino Here, Casino There (Casino in My Hair).

This is Episode 109! The clue is in the eyes, folks.

There's a wonderfully sweet new gift from Amberdrake, featuring Pepito! Thank you!

I saw Volume 2. It was, of course, completely awesome.

Also, did an illustration for Mr. Lesnick's upcoming Polyp the Hunter print release! If you like adult comics, I think Polyp will rub you just the right way. Buy it! Sexy bounty hunters having sex, and decapitation. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? You should probably check here for news relating to that!

I think that's it.

Oh! R-Type Final is ridiculously hard. Now I'm done.

This time the comic sort of happened on the weekend. I'm getting better! No, seriously!

Hey hey CHECK IT OUT, this week's gifts are RAD! From Stylix we've got some seriously sexy Ruby ass, and from sdanond we've got an epic ensemble of the whole gang. BIG TIME thanks, you guys!


90% of My Mind is With You.

Boy, am I ever in a slump. Like, painfully. But, I'm back on the fast computer again. So that'll hopefully change real quick-style. HEY! I drew a comic. There it is! I'm trying to catch up, I really am. Until I say otherwise, OHP is on a kind of sporadic update schedule. AAAAAAAAAH!

Okay, enough rambling. There's some great gifts this week, some of which I got while I was on break and didn't get a chance to upload (sorry about that). We've got a swell Julian by Kalyandra, a quite sexy (and quite naked) Ruby by Gabo, and a most enigmatically colored Rika by Lindsey! Thanks a bunch, guys!

By the way, if you're interested in further ramblings, you can check out my journal. I don't update it frequently, but you might occasionally find a nugget of wisdom in there.

That's all for now! CIAO BABY.

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