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Sweet is Good.


Operation: Get Clothes is successful! But that still leaves a rather uncertain task ahead of her and a certain Ms. Maxim (currently borrowing Mai's petite frame). Oh my!

Guess what! OHP has a new URL! You can now access the comic via the much-easier-to-remember ourhomeplanet.net. Dot Net, not Dot Com. If you're linking to OHP, use the new domain instead. Right now it's mirroring, but I'll be making gdk.gd-kun.net (the site you're probably reading from right now) the mirror soon.

I'm heading back to LA today, where I'll be catching up on all my e-mail. Something weird's been going on with the webmail for my server, so I haven't been able to reply. I will later tonight, though!

Do You Like Our Owl?


This week is a splash page while I catch up on lots of various things going on in my life. Normally I'd be a college graduate right about now, but these days I guess they never let you out in four. So, I'm killing some time until the next quarter starts; sadly, the CRT monitor I'm using right now is in its death throes, which is making it very difficult to get any substantial comic work done (I can't tell the difference between grey and black or pink and brown on this thing, if that's any indication). I was hoping to get it fixed while I was home, but it would require skipping a week... or waiting to do it until right before I left for LA, where a real monitor awaits me. I'm going to get an estimate on Monday, so I'll make another post then to tell you all if a comic will be posted this coming week.

EDIT: Crisis averted! A working CRT has been procured.

There was a mega sexy gift this week from Dragonchilde! Pepito is sporting the latest in OHP fashion (and filling it out quite well, I might add...). Thanks again!

I guess a hacker went and pissed all over the Eternal Beach Party forums over the weekend, which has left things in an uncertain state for the future of the board as a whole. I'm gonna be riding it out and seeing where we land. If it ends up folding, I guess I'll try my hand at running the gd-kun.net forums again (though I'll have to wipe the remnants of the old forum, since it somehow got all buggered while we were away). Either way, thanks for being such a prince and hosting OHP's section, Josh!

It is a well-known fact that aliens possess a variety uncanny abilities. The D'bos are adept at the skill of Hyper Clothes Changing, a mystical art from a world far away. Earth folk cannot even begin to comprehend this complicated technique.

I really like this Javascript bookmarking tool that I'm seeing popping up on various webcomics. I think I'm gonna give it a go with OHP, but I've gotta make some graphics for it first. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

There were some cool gifts the last few weeks! Ultra Thanks go out to Jennums, Serenagold, and Dark Kuja! Happy GD.

My fourth year ends on Monday, so I've been ridiculously busy. I can't wait to head north and relax for a few days. And then... Summer Session. YUCK. Two more quarters and I'm done, two more quarters and I'm done...

HEY INTERNET: OHP returns! I must apologize for the day-late episode; I'd anticipated that I'd have plenty of time to work on the comic the last two weeks, and it turns out I really didn't. Been hanging out with good people, so at least I was accomplishing something productive.

If it's any consolation, I oekaki-ed twice during my hiatus. Both pictures feature Rika and Mai, and you can bet they're not safe for work. How do you like them apples! Mai has been a frequent request for future oekaki, so Mai fans, please enjoy. Rika fans will probably enjoy, as well.

There were some cool gifts, too! Some of them still need to be uploaded and linked, so I will do that later today.

Jesus, this school year's almost over. And then I'm gonna be a fifth year. SAVE ME.

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