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Half-Jew is Not a Verb.

Hello! Here is a comic. I don't know the meaning of the word "punctual"! It's sort of sad that the Second Anniversary Comic is so late, but I've just been busy-busy-busy. So YEAH! OHP is now in two years old! Two whole years of awkward lesbian-type shenanigans! Let's have a party or something. BYOB.

There's some totally radical new gifts this week! Big sloppy kisses for Gabo and Aydoo!

Work on this goodie that I've been hinting at over and over again is going smoothly (but slowly). Not sure when exactly it'll be finished, but it will hopefully be worth the wait!

I really want to get some more pages of Like Magic done, but I just haven't had the time lately... which sucks because I've got some good ideas I need to get out. I felt really inspired when Eisu included Deidre in his pinup for Slipshine (that is still a major WOW), but balancing OHP with college has been sucking up every last drop of free time that I've got. Any congressmen reading this? I still want those extra hours in the day!

In other news, my pal David and I bought tickets for something TOTALLY AMAZING this coming Friday: Clerks, in the theater, with none other than Sir Kevin Smith himself in attendance. And following the show, a Q&A session until dawn. Words cannot describe how totally goddamn awesome this is going to be.

Mute City.

Hey now. Not quite so late this time! Check it out! The other characters really are still alive.

Still working on the aforementioned goody for this week. Gonna see if I can't get that bad boy done today or tomorrow for all y'all.

For now, I'm gonna sleep. Oh, I almost forgot! It may be halfway through the month already, but if you could vote for OHP, that'd really rock. Thanks!

Weapon of Choice.

Man, I don't know what's wrong with me. Drawing has been extra hard lately, and I've been nothing but tired for the last two weeks. It ain't fair, damnit! Anyways, here is a very late comic! Hope it was at least somewhat worth the wait.

There's been a bunch of great gift art in the last few weeks! I finally got them all up in the gifts section. Big thanks to RSJ, and another round of thanks to Matthias and Cheezy! You guys are all right in my book, y'hear?

So hey! It's a brand new year, now! Happy 2004 or something. OHP is getting close to the end of its second year, and once again I'm amazed that so much time has passed.

That's all for now!

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