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A Silhouette of Doom.

This week you get everything: action, suspense, and even boobs in various kinetic states. Hot damn! Will she be able to hold on?! Will she ever find something to wear?! The answer to these questions and more next week (maybe)!

Correction! The elusive non-CG first page of Nomad Hearts has been found! The OHP History Lesson continues, this time with a monumentally less charming installment! Have at it, boys and girls.

I'm now employed, which is really cutting into my drawing time (as expected)... But, on the bright side, it's making the scarce time that I DO have to draw much more enjoyable, since I never have a chance to catch a breather at work. Ahh, I'm looking forward to the rest of my life.

Vote, why don'tcha! And I'll see you next time!

Resting Comfortably.

One panel this week, but it's a big one. Ruby fans, rejoice! Couldn't resist the opportunity for some good cheesecake.

Finishing up Lesson Two. For those of you just tuning in, catch up on a little OHP History here! Fun for the whole family. I've got some BID-NAZZ to take care of tomorrow morning, so I need to get a little shut-eye. Should be up this evening or Saturday.

Kind of a slow week, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. So, the usual parting shots: Slip me a vote or two, and I'll see you later!


I was late, but it's old hat at this point, so let's move on. Comic! Ruby gets to work on solving that whole naked problem, for better or worse. In the meantime, the kind little speech bubbles will keep her at least partially clothed.

You've probably already given it a look-through, but Lesson One in OHP History 101 is now online for your viewing pleasure! See how it all began by taking a trip back to 1999, a time before GD knew how to draw! Lawdy! Lesson Two comes next week, so stay tuned!

Those of y'all who are still voting, thank you! Alright, now I'll get back to work.

Soft Machine.

WORD. You'll have to excuse me about last week. I kinda suck at scheduling things. So anyway, I draw this comic that you might have heard of. Whip'd!

Okay! Have a look at this week's gift art! It's good stuff (some naughty bits, though!). The thanks go out to Kyoga, Doodle-kun, RSJ, and Somniac! I love you guys. And hey, I just went back through and added some more links. If you've contributed art and don't have a link next to your name, tell me (and give me the link too, make it easy for me)!

Thanks for voting, as usual! Keep up the good work, gang.

Working on a comic compilation to explain OHP's history a little. Anyone remember Dimensional Nomad or Nomad Hearts? Old school!

Okay, later.

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