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Good grief, it's Episode 231! Pinky uses her head (albeit unwillingly) to solve Julian's little key problem. Thank goodness for conveniently placed conduits! I'll be cleaning this page up a little bit, since I had to rush some the coloring and effects to get it out in a reasonable amount of time. The good news is that I'll be returning to a (relatively) normal work schedule next week, which should eliminate these update delays. How's that sound? Hope I didn't scare too many of you off again!

You know what I've wanted to do the most during this last month of cubicle hell? Oekaki. Lemme see if I can bust out something completely not work safe before the next update.

I'm clearly in the minority of 360 owners who have no interest in Halo 3, but for the record: I didn't understand the fuss in 2001, and I still don't quite get it. What exactly is this game bringing to the table that hundreds of other first-person shooters haven't already? I'll admit that my hands-on experience with the series is limited to a few casual encounters with friends and coworkers, but I've yet to feel engaged by either its seven-year-spanning story or its oft-praised multiplayer. Am I missing something, here? Maybe I'm just expecting more from my sci-fi than "shoot the bad aliens that want to take over the universe".

Folks, Episode 230. Thanks for your patience! I'm gonna do my damnedest to have something ready for next weekend, come hell or high water. This chapter's almost over and it's driving me nuts not having the time to finish it off! I hope these pages are worth the wait.

This week I'm going to be upgrading OHP's back-end to MovableType 4, so things may get temporarily broken for a day or two. Fear not, internet adventurer! It'll probably be fixed before you know it.

The Brawl Dojo has confirmed that the New Smash will have online functionality! This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that you'll never have to leave your house! The bad news is that I'll probably never leave my house. We're approaching a laziness singularity with online gaming. What that means is that at some point in the not-so-distant future, our propensity for finding new ways to be lazy will increase at such an exponential rate that our gaming systems will use their advanced AI to find ways of being lazy without us. And probably also take over the world, if they ever get around to it.

Meanwhile, at the Palace of Power...


Episode 229 is now up for your viewing pleasure. These splash panels always seem like a good opportunity to get some full-figure shots in, since there's rarely enough space to do it on a normal page! Or maybe I just draw too big. I dunno!

This has been a rough work week. I got stuck with some overtime over the holiday, and from here on out, my shift's getting extended to 12 hours a day... indefinitely. Needless to say, that leaves me with exactly zero time to do anything except commute back and forth, and sleep. I'll do my best to get next week's page out over the weekend, but please bear with me if it goes up a little late. I appreciate the support!

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