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Tearin' Through the Paper Walls of Time.


Episode 278 is now live! Life is tough when you're big, red and constantly hungry. There you are, just having lunch like a normal monster, when all of a sudden people with guns and funny hats start shouting at you and demanding you stop eating their colleagues. Of course, you'd like to simply ignore them and continue your meal in peace, but they're just not having any of it. You'd try explaining yourself between mouthfuls, but some things always seem to get lost in the translation...

I am now back in the Bay Area. I was in Santa Barbara for a few days doing a lot of food eating and wine drinking, both of which were extremely enjoyable. I have a weakness for beaches and all things delicious.

Noka sent in this cute pic featuring Ruby and her character Drilsa! Ruby has been temporarily bested in heavy lifting, although that's not a title she'll be relinquishing without a fight... consider the challenge accepted! Thanks again, miss!

Episode 277 has arrived! It's getting a little crowded in space jail, what with all the familiar faces returning. Keeping dangerous friends does have certain advantages, especially as far as the intimidation and coercion of giant alien creatures are concerned. Just keep an eye on your less-than-dangerous friends, Julian.

VaguelyCreepy made what I do believe is the first gift featuring Mr. Ghunnman! Lone is doing what he does best: shooting everything in the room. Thanks again, sir!

It's kind of nice to be doing this again.

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