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A House on Fire and Massacres All Over.


My goodness, a really late one this week! Here it is, though. The aliens have been finding out the hard way that Mai always gets the last laugh. Ruby sort of lucked out, actually, since there weren't any liquids involved this time around!

Beat Takeshi's version of Zatoichi has a goddamn amazing soundtrack, by the way. Just saying.

The Frappr! map has gotten pretty big! That's so neat.

Dang, man. It's been a while since I updated last. I hate when that happens. The move went well, and my birthday went well; things are pretty much well across the board (thanks again to all you well-wishers). Unpacking's been taking forever, though, and finding all the pieces of my Computational Device took a couple of days, but OHP Base Camp is now operational once again. So, here's the latest page!

Three totally rad gifts since the last update! From Doodle-kun, Julian is sporting his very best lady impression; from Cheezy, a neat sketch of Ruby doing what she does best (act sexy); and from Zammie, a positively delicious pic of Pepito looking completely freaking adorable. Thanks again, you guys! You made my birthday awesome.

I updated the art section to include my newest piece, The Eel Hunters. This is a poster-sized digital image, which was actually printed at roughly movie poster size. It was created for my final college course, a really underwhelming drawing class that actually wasn't a drawing class at all, but more of a mixed media goof-off studio (read: "bullshit"). Despite that, lots of interesting work seemed to be coming out of it. Making a poster was really fun, and I've been sorta inspired to make an OHP poster as a result.

Hope y'all are having a happy holiday season!

My Name is a Killing Word.


Greetings this week come from the surface of Planet Earth, where we resume our story with Mai and Ruby, who seem to have differing opinions on the whole having-sex-using-someone-else's-body thing. I can't even tell you how many times this debate comes up in my daily life.

I've started up an OHP Frappr! group, which is a neat little thing based on Google Local that shows where people all over the world with similar interests are located. Add yourself to the map, and watch it grow!

Early warning: I am moving back to the Bay Area this coming weekend, so all bets are off for when the next comic will be posted. I'll keep you updated as usual, but I am anticipating having a complete lack of free time for anything other than packing and driving (if my previous moves were any indication). Gonna try to get a big chunk of the next comic done before the weekend, but we'll see!

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