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Christ, so busy. Episode 170! Julian gets better acquainted with his new friend, who's turned out to be only moderately creepy. Hey, you gotta take it where you can get it, right?

Readers of Girly have probably already figured out what the secret project was! I did the strip for Wednesday, you can see it here. Girly is one of my favorite online comics, so you should totally read it!

Some work was added to the art section. Rotraucher isn't new, but the only people who would have seen it thus far are those of you reading my LiveJournal. It updates semi-regularly and I tend to use it for whining.

I updated the cast page, though it's far from complete. I need to whip up some nice portraits for everyone, and possibly get cracking on a secondary cast section. Believe it or not, writing the bios is one of my favorite parts of doing the site. HOW NERDY.

I am a terrible person and still haven't finished getting through my e-mail. Until October, I'm putting OHP on an Update Whenever Schedule so that my underwear remains un-knotted. To know the split second when OHP is updated, subscribe to the RSS feed!

Time Out From The World.


Whoah Nelly, now that's what I call a break. The comic was ready to post earlier this afternoon, but apparently Los Angeles exploded, taking Dreamhost along with it (alright, so it was just a county-wide power failure... that's pretty close, though). All of my sites seem to be back up and running, which is always nice. For all the shit-talking I do when things go wrong with Dreamhost, they really are a swell provider. Hear that, guys? I loves ya even if you were offline all day today.

So yeah, here's that comic. Just in case you thought everyone forgot about Julian, he's still alive and kicking (figuratively). Of course, you can't be the most fantastic bounty hunter in the whole universe without picking up some fans along the way... including the occasional obsessive one here and there.

In all honesty, I haven't touched my e-mail except for a few select pieces that required an immediate reply. I've got a secret project that I need to finish in the next couple days; once that's done, you'll get to see it (and I'll get back to answering e-mail). There's a lot to reply! Sorry about the wait!

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