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Once again, it's time for more OHP! Here's Episode 238, wherein Lanogan closes the gap with unexpected speed and precision, and Julian finds himself right back where he started. Where's the cavalry when you need 'em?!

I'm kind of glad the power stayed on so far this weekend so this could get posted. As anyone living in the Bay Area is probably aware, weather of any kind tends to make everything stop working. Let's hope this trend of things continuing to function despite drizzle continues!

Good lord, has anyone else seen Romero's Diary of the Dead? I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a zombie movie. There seems to be a bandwagon right now where directors all want to try their hand at doing a first-person narrative, and while these efforts vary wildly in their effectiveness, some of them are total flops. I'd count this latest of-the-Dead chapter as one of those. What a heartbreaker! Something was lost in the transition to the anti-filmic. Please, sir, return to traditional narrative!

Episode 237 is ready to go! Julian makes a mad break for freedom, but unfortunately for him, Lanogan's interest in his prey has been piqued. This can't end well!

Thanks you all for your kind words and encouragement the past few weeks. I'm glad to see that interest in OHP is still running high! I like making it, of course, but it's always more fun when you folks are frothing for the next page. The eternal cock-tease!

More next week!

Hello again, everybody! Readers new and old, welcome! OHP has emerged from the ashes of hiatus once again, and as a result, the first page of Chapter 8 is now available for your viewing pleasure. Julian's situation, as usual, has gone from bad to worse. What's a handsome bounty hunter to do?! Find out next week!

A slight visual change for the the latest chapter. I wasn't incredibly happy with Dave Gibbons Lower as a screen font, since it's been looking a little ragged around the edges at the lower point sizes. I'm now using Comicrazy for my lettering, because it's a hell of a font and seems to hold up well with a variety of point sizes. It's a little bigger than I'm used to, but sometimes it's better to be frugal with your word-space! This is a comic, not a novel, after all!

I upgraded OHP's news delivery system to MT Open Source this past week. It seems to have solved my major gripe with the MT 4 suite, which is that it was slower than a turtle dipped in molasses in January. I can now publish the site without the whole process crashing and burning with error 500s due to script timeouts! Computers are fabulous.

I finally got myself a Wii so that I'm ready for Brawl when it hits the states in March. Can I just say that I haven't been this excited for a game coming out since Super Mario Bros. 3? It's like being a kid again! Someone at work imported the Japanese version to tide us all over till the state-side launch, and I can confirm that this thing really is as good as you're hoping for. No kidding. Also, it plays more like the 64 version than Melee, which is strange yet refreshing! Seeing how Melee's lasted us about seven years without online multiplayer and a stage builder, I can only imagine where this new one's gonna take us.

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