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The Turkey Was a Trap.


Happy November! Episode 292 is here to commemorate the occasion. It turns out that while Ruby is excellent at a great number of things (push-ups, pile drivers, sitting, and drinking included), preparing coffee is not among them. Mai has decided to share this knowledge as a courtesy... and a warning.

You may recall me singing the praises of The Binding of Isaac last time around. Those of you who resisted may be interested to know that a pretty big update came out on Halloween, making it even more awesome. Seriously, get it. On a related note, after about a year of trying on and off, I finally beat the Dark World in Super Meat Boy. You know what that feels like?


I also saw Rubber recently. I'm not sure what to say about that. But I liked it. I think.

Thanks for reading, as usual! I'm gonna try to get at least a page and the special out before this year comes to a close. I feel like I've overcome a small hurdle by finally switching arcs again. Now I just need the free time to do it; hunting for a condo is a lot of work!

Until next time!

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