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Hide and Seek in Geisha's Garden.


Once again, it's time to get your OHP on, so here's Episode 220. Four hundred bucks worth of stolen grub doesn't seem to be sitting well with poor Rika, who's now suddenly wishing she'd stayed at home tonight.

Keep fighting the good fight, y'all! We're still holding in the 30s!

A couple weeks ago I went to a show of Osamu Tezuka's work up in the city, and it was pretty awesome. I wasn't previously all that familiar with his work, aside from knowing the titles of his more famous comics (Astro Boy, Black Jack, etc.), but the exhibition was a real eye-opener. An incredibly unique art style, highly animated, and often featuring impressively complex layouts (despite the simple character designs). If you're local to San Francisco, this show is worth checking out for anyone who loves comic art. It made me a little remorseful that I'd missed the show of American comic art at the Hammer Museum while I was still living in Los Angeles.

I finally got some nibbles in the job hunt, so I may be getting back to work in the near future. Can't really say one way or the other how it's going to affect OHP's schedule, but both places seem like jobs that I might really enjoy (rather than immediately loathe). If there's one thing that experience has taught me, it's that a happy cartoonist makes better comics. Imagine that!

Bialy & Lox Conga.


Ladies and gentlemen, Episode 219. For those just joining us, Plan B is an oft-celebrated tradition wherein a particularly nasty problem is solved by completely avoiding it. It helps to have a sub-dermal teleporter or two, naturally, but that's never been a concern for Pepito and Zukie.

We're at 33 this week over at BCx! Keep up the good work, y'all!

Josh Lesnick, boy genius and wily cartoonist, wrote up a little number on art in popular webcomics over here. This sort of criticism is frequently dismissed in the community as everything from jealous ravings to declarations of war, but don't be fooled: not only is it valid, it's desperately needed. I'll be frank, here. Webcomic artists are a group of people who need a healthy dose of criticism at regular intervals, and if I had my druthers, I'd have that medicine come from a fellow cartoonist. I think people are finally starting to come around to this idea.

I'm generally a little embarrassed to say that I own way, way more Live Arcade titles than actual 360 titles (through no fault of my own, the 360 library proper still kinda blows). However, I can hide my shame when things like Pac-Man Championship Edition come out. This is the kind of thing I'd really love to see more of: not just shining up the old games and repackaging them, but rethinking them from a modern perspective.

Nude on the Moon.


The maƮtre d' is having none of this in Episode 218! Once again, the jig is up. Rika's phobia of being seen in public with people aiming to pick a fight is a source of frequent discomfort these days.

We're still going strong in the Top 100 this week. Once again, thanks for the support! It feels like old times up in here.

Alright, I need to ask: What's going on with so many PSP games going out of print already? I feel like I missed the dang boat!

Good news, everyone! I have a working tablet pen once again.

Episode 217 is up, and definitely benefitting from the tablet touch. Rika verifies a previous claim, and Pepito neglects to use her Restaurant Voice. Meanwhile, Zukie supervises.

Lawdy, people! You've really been laying the smack down with this voting business! We're all the way up to 32 right now, and the month just started! I think this may be the highest OHP has ever ranked. Thanks for the support!

So I got one of them PSP things. I just couldn't hold out any longer, there's way too many games I need to play! Also, I'd like to state, for the record, that homebrew is the coolest thing that could've ever happened to this little gizmo. What other portable lets me listen to Drone Zone and Secret Agent from the comfort of anywhere?

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