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Now that the server seems to be back up again...

Hello! Here's Episode 208. You didn't think she was gonna keep a low profile forever, now did you? She's got some new duds this time around; there's no such thing as having too much fighting attire in your warbrode. Battle leathers are the new black, after all!

I finally sorted out the problem I was having with my replacement tablet. The sensorboard and controller unit in the first one were apparently faulty; after some telephone tag with Wacom and a week or two of waiting, all is well again. A happy tablet makes happy comics.

You've been a very quiet audience the past few weeks!

Once again, Comic Time has arrived. Episode 207! You may want to take a glance back at one-eleven if this stand-off has you a little puzzled. To be fair, that was definitely three years ago!

A new oekaki has been added to the gallery. As is generally the case, it's not safe for work. You know the drill by now!

Symphony of the Night came out on Live Arcade today! This is a pretty awesome development, since it's arguably one of the better Castlevania games. However, I would like to voice great disappointment in the severe lack of real "Achievements". Why do game developers on the 360 keep doing this? Achievements should be something challenging. You shouldn't just get them for progressing through the game, you're gonna do that anyway. They had an absolutely gigantic title to work with and all they could come up with were 12 Achievements, one of which involves beating the first boss? That's fucking lame. What about rare drops? What about going out of sequence? What about more stuff that you'd actually want to boast about after doing it?

I hope when Ikaruga comes out, Treasure does a little better at this.

Here is Episode 206! Mai is simply not the kind of person to let sleeping dogs lie. Ruby might once again be forced to learn the hard way that one way or another, Mai's getting the last word in. It's her specialty!

Psiweapon made a real cute gift last week! Pepito reassures the crowd with a toothy smile that yes, she does too have eyes. They're just well hidden. Thanks again!

NARGH, Metal Slug Anthology got pushed back again! Quit toying with my emotions, SNK Playmore! GD NEEDS GAME BADLY. In other news, I got my Frank to Level 50 in Dead Rising, finally. I hope that rumor about online multiplayer support once the Platinum Hits version comes out is true, because... well, I think you know why.

300 was pretty awesome. Historically accurate? Not exactly, but extremely stylish, and extremely fun to watch. These Frank Miller comic book movies keep raising the bar, but no-one else seems to want to take notice. Is it really asking so much for comic book movies to be more than mostly cliché Marvel shit? Because damnit, I'm asking.

Once again it's GO TIME in OHP Land, so here's Episode 205! Mai discovers what most other races have known about the Moloki body for eons: its tolerance for alcohol is legendary. Unfortunately, Ruby is not currently in a sharing mood. Uh oh!

I'm drawing new comic pages for something I haven't touched in four years. It feels... awesome. More on that soon, hopefully.

This is a short news post because I'm exhausted. Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas for possible t-shirt designs last week! If y'all have any more rattling around in the old Think Tank, leave a comment and let me know!

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