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Super-Power Robot Yokozuna, Jr.


A question is about to be answered in Episode 224. The truth may very well rock you to your core. Or maybe you saw it coming a mile away, you clever thing. At any rate, Rika is wondering whether or not some questions are better left unanswered!

This schedule seems to be working out pretty well for right now. I've got enough time to do my thing and not feel like I'm up against the wall. Also, work is going pretty well. Even the commute doesn't seem as bad as it used to, since it turns out the train makes for an excellent mobile nap.

I went and saw Sunshine the other day, which was a lot of fun. Reminiscent of some of the best parts of flicks like Alien and 2001, but still very much its own thing. One worth the ever-increasing price of the theater experience, sci-fi fans. Plus, you'll get to see a trailer for the new Cronenberg movie, Eastern Promises. It's like a non-denominational holiday in July!

It's that time once again, boys and girls! Episode 223 is ready and waiting for your strong, yet gentle touch. Those of you who guessed "coin purse", 50 points! Rika's still thinking it's the other kind of coin purse, though.

Once again, I appreciate your patience. This more lax schedule has alleviated quite a bit of stress, which is making the process go a little smoother. But for those of you who are freaking out about the change, I'd highly recommend you read the FAQ. The relevant question is four from the bottom.

Are there any good webcomic templates for Movable Type? For the life of me, I can't figure out how to syndicate the comic without making a separate comic feed, which like, totally defeats the simplicity of the current system. What would be ideal is a way to keep this layout essentially the same (or similar), but have both the comic page and the news show up in the feed. Is there a way to do that with MT tags? The bright idea well is running dry!

That's all for now!

Episode 222 is now ready for your consumption. Thanks for being patient! Your reward is an ulcer for Rika.

So you're not completely in the dark about when the comic is updating, I'd like to let you know that until further notice, OHP will be updating at some point every weekend. The comic's staying weekly, but I'd rather keep a floating update schedule to make things a little easier on me. I encourage you to subscribe to OHP's RSS feed so you can know the very second that I update. It's like having your own little internet gnome do all the hard work for you!

A gift arrived from Kohdok not too long ago! True to form, Rika is finding herself subjected to strange forces seemingly out of her control, only this time with 33% more crossover action! April is from his comic, For Your Eyes Only. Thanks again, sir!

The people I work with are crazy fucking good at Smash Bros., which I'm hoping will improve my game significantly. I considered myself an above-average player, but playing with a tournament-level crowd has ultimately humbled me. I pray Brawl will level the playing field a little!

The Indestructible Drop.


I have apparently overestimated my ability to maintain a comic-making schedule with this new job. However, I did finish a page, so here it is. I think I've figured out which days I can use to concentrate on the comic from here on out, but we're gonna have to play it by ear.

You've done a man's job, readers (girls, please feel free to substitute "woman"), even with last week's update hiccup! OHP is still in a holding pattern in the mid-thirties. Thanks for voting!

The other day I posted a rough version of a new Like Magic page as a little something to tide y'all over. That can still be found here. Totally safe for work, honest! Around the time that I switched resolutions for OHP, I also decided to see how LM would look with the same facelift. These two characters were just about to make their debut when the comic died, so hopefully it will eventually rise from the ashes, like some sort of smut phoenix.

I did a few new oekaki the last couple of weeks. The first one, which you most likely saw last week, was of Rika and Ruby, and oddly enough was not porn! The second one was most definitely porn, however, and happens to feature Sheila and her tail.

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