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Hello! Here's Episode 168. Pepito and Zukie are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, but hey, don't fault them for not quite getting Earth culture. Besides, Rika's description of the dairy industry is way more interesting than it really is (or should be), so let them come to their own conclusions.

There's a really cute gift this week from Amanda! Look at that adorable Pepito. SO CUTE (and kinda weird, too). Thanks again!

I'm going on a little vacation this week, so I'll be updating on Monday or Tuesday, most likely with a splash. There's obviously no Photoshop in the hotel (no laptop), and I'll probably be too busy enjoying myself and doing vacation-type things to work anyway. So yeah! See y'all next week!

More awkward restaurant antics! Rika seems to have found the one thing that'll make the D'bos lose their appetites. Seriously, though. What was prehistoric Earth man thinking?

My back is feeling much better, thank you to those of you that wished me well. Sitting no longer makes me feel like someone punched me in the left kidney. I am still not 100%, but I'll manage. OHP will be updating again the following week, I'm gonna be resting up this weekend.

There was a cute sketch from MaladorWN, featuring Rika and Pepito! Thanks again!

Thanks also to those of you voting every day since BCx came back up! OHP is right around #30, which may be the best it's done thus far!

Comic time! Just in case you forgot, the D'bos have this bad habit of kinda eating people. This might make for an awkward night out. Two cameos this week, by the by!

There was a totally awesome gift from Seireeni this week! She's done a Pepito in her fantastic style, it's really rather marvelous! Thank you again!

I am rather behind on e-mail, I must apologize to those of you waiting for a response... I'm heading north once again to visit my folks for the remainder of the summer, so I'll reply once I arrive tomorrow night.

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