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Maybe Next Time, Steve.


Comic time! Episode 269 is up. Ruby-in-Mai is force-fed a slice of humble pie, but emerges from the ordeal with friendship intact. With a ceasefire called, maybe everyone can get back to more pressing matters... like figuring out where the rest of the gang has disappeared to! But first, some unabashed gloating, reveling, and relishing.

I've been scribbling in some oekaki canvases. I'll try to get a picture or two done this week and next. So much for spacing them out by a year! Take THAT, predisposition to procrastination!

I'm obsessed with Mirror's Edge. I picked up the PC version earlier in the week because I wanted to see if I'd like it more with traditional KB&M controls and some snazzy PhysX effects thrown in. Like wow, man. No more deaths fighting with the analogue sticks! Now if I could just scrub away this dirty feeling I get from enjoying an EA game...

Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet.


Happy 2009, gang! Episode 268 is the first comic of the new year, and although it's already pretty late in the month for a first comic of the new year, one of my resolutions is to get my shit together and start updating a little more regularly. Ruby's not really into the whole idea of apologies. She'll be the first to admit when she's wrong... as long as you understand that she's never wrong (just ask her). Maybe with a little leverage, though...

Thanks for being patient! For the first time in years, I present... Like Magic. Please be advised that this comic is not work safe at all. This series ran for 16 pages at Slipshine, a really great site for original adult comics, before disappearing into the aether... which is a fancy way of saying I totally ran out of time to work on it (sorry, Josh!). I have mixed feelings about these pages, because while the art is really spotty, I've grown sort of attached to Deidre, Roman and the universe in which they find themselves. It was 6 years ago, but some of the anatomy and proportions are just atrocious. I had some pretty grand plans for an epic porno story; I know a lot of people say that no-one wants a story in porn, but you know what? Fuck that. I do, and I know I'm not the only one! When I eventually get around to starting this thing up again, I'd like to use what I've learned from working on OHP to make it even better. But until then, these pages should keep me humble. Enjoy?

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