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The Pause.


If the two years of silence weren't indication enough, I've been taking a break from the Internet. Yup, the whole thing, A to Z. There's no single reason for my self-imposed exile; it's actually due to a lot of things, some physical, some mental, but none of which are really the Internet's business. I used to be a big proponent of the Internet as the next big social movement, but then everyone gave up all their privacy for Likes. Yuck.

I see a lot of Internet chatter about OHP being dead. Think of this as more of a power nap. It'll be back when it's back, though the format is likely to change. Even when comic pages aren't getting posted, work continues in the background. There's no shortage of excellent webcomics out there, so I'm sure you've been able to keep yourselves busy in the meantime.

I'm also taking this opportunity to officially wipe the slate on my e-mail backlog. We're starting over at zero. If you've been waiting for a response from me, just send it again. It's easier that way.

It's now 2015. Maybe something cool will happen this year?

Sweet Cinnamon Punch.


Holy crap, time really started slipping away from me, there. That's enough of that. Everybody, the comic's starting again on February 9th. That's totally next week!

Apologies for being so damn quiet the past 2 months. A lot of long hours at the office, a lot of introspection. Boring shit. My New Year's resolution was to put a little more effort into making this comic work, so here we go. Thanks to everyone who kept the faith!

Hello, readers! I've got a few morsels that will hopefully help to tide you over until the comic is ready to roll again. It's been a very busy and emotionally draining couple of months, and I must therefore apologize for a lack of concrete information on when OHP will be resuming. Several brand spanking new pages are ready to go, with a couple more to hopefully be completed in the next week or two. A launch date will probably be posted soon.

First off, the cast section has been updated with new profiles! New bio text is forthcoming, but the fruit of several months of labor can finally be found in one convenient place. ProTip: GD loves tarot cards.

Secondly, a couple of new oekaki have been posted. Naturally, they are of the X-rated variety, so fire up your discretion if you're viewing in a place that might be a little inappropriate (day care center, funeral home, church, etc.).

Thirdly, two OHP wallpapers are now available! At work, it's rare to see a wallpaper that isn't horrifically boring. My solution so far has been to start drawing my own, which I'm now sharing with you, the discerning viewer.

My first wallpaper featured Anya (1280 x 960). I'm not entirely happy with this one, but it did turn out pretty cute. My second wallpaper featured Queen (1280 x 960). The pose in this one is much more dynamic, and it just seems to work better as a desktop. Those of you on tiny monitors, sorry! I'll try to make some smaller versions, but pixel arts tend to resize a little poorly. I'll see what I can do!

Update: Gendaru has created some truly massive vector versions of these wallpapers, which should scale perfectly to any size monitor you might have! They look extremely snazzy. Here's Anya, and here's Queen. Big thanks, Gen!

That's it for now. Some new oekaki should be appearing in the near future. Till then, stay awesome.

Crowded Street.

Well, I'm back from Vegas! There was plenty of casino hopping and drinking (heavy emphasis on the drinking). It's was a grand time. The first night I went and saw Penn & Teller, who were, in a word, marvelous. Their stage act is leaps and bounds better than I was expecting (and I've always loved their televised performances). Even got to meet them after the show! The second night, I went to Delmonico's for dinner (it's one of Emeril's restaurants, if that means anything to you folks). I had a makeshift "surf & turf" with the most succulent beef and lobster just about ever. And then I topped it off with a pumpkin cheesecake that blew my mind.

During the afternoon on Saturday, I went to the Las Vegas Comic Con. It was alright, kinda boring though. Strolled around the convention center floor for a bit, spied a few artists I knew, and briefly met up with Mr. Lesnick, of Wendy fame. Sup, Josh! Rad Girly sketches. It was great to finally meet you.

Earlier today, I hit up Gameworks to see if it really was the marvelous arcade that everyone talks it up to be. Turns out it was pretty weak (not suprised), and it was ultra pricey. However, they had one machine that really impressed the pants off me: Namco's Quick & Crash. I've never actually seen one of these in person before, so I was astonished. Awesome game. The exploding cup is so great (I am easily impressed).

That's the run-down of my trip. I hope you were utterly fascinated!

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