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Episode 243 has arrived, but there's funny business underfoot! Ruby's got something up her borrowed sleeves... but what?! Furthermore, how's Mai going to keep herself from looking like a raving lunatic?! Stay tuned!

I haven't made an oekaki in about a billion years. I'm going to try to do something about that in the near future. There's been lots of really cool, really NSFW stuff posted at Fearsome lately, by the way!

The Warrior Factory.


Folks, I come bearing Episode 242. Important body-swapping note: Do not engage dangerous criminals in verbal warfare while wearing someone else's skin! But a green-haired challenge has re-entered the equation... and with their options becoming slim, she may be the only one left who can help them!

I don't have all that much to say this week. So, see you next week!

The time has come for Episode 241! Queen has some plans of her own as far as the deal was concerned; no surprise there! But with their only leverage about to fly the coop, what are a couple of brain-swapped girls to do?!

It's been extremely difficult putting Brawl down. Though I think I might still prefer Melee's fast-paced play style (especially the wavedashing), the huge amount of new characters, items, and stages (stage builder!) definitely give Brawl the edge. The online mode's been a little disappointing though, mostly due to lag and the extremely frustrating limitations put on random matches with folks not in your friends list... but I suspect the latency issues will slowly improve as the hype dies down in the next few weeks. Nintendo, it's 2008; time to stop being afraid of the internet!

The trap is sprung in Episode 240! Rika is finally introduced to Queen, but it might have been a bad first impression. And what of Pepito and Zukie?! The plot thickens next week!

Any of you out there interested in setting up your own website? If you're tired of being hosted on community portals or you're a first-timer with ambitions, may I humbly suggest giving Dreamhost a shot? They'll hook you up with a free domain, and (for all intents and purposes) unlimited bandwidth and disk space for absurdly reasonable prices. And HEY, to sweeten the deal, if you sign up with the promo code DINGLEBOB, you'll get 20 bucks off any plan! This also happens to be a great way to support OHP, because referrals help pay for this site!

Oh god, you guys. Finally, Brawl is upon us! I fear for my social life and personal hygiene. However, they will not be sacrificed in vain! At least, that's what I'll be telling myself. Let the unlocking begin!

Computers are My Forté!


Ladies and gents, Episode 239 brings us back to Rika and the Sisters D'bo! Zukie is a firm believer in the notion of share and share alike, especially when it comes to family assets. Races inexperienced in K'baban culture are often disturbed by the enthusiasm to engage in nude discourse with in-laws; however, this earnestness shouldn't be mistaken for sexual depravity! We're talking about real family love, here.

It's probably time to give this site a little face lift. One thing I'd like to try to do is make the archive dynamic, rather than static. The back-catalogue of pages is nearing the 250 mark, and that's a lot of HTML files sitting in the root. I've heard that MoveableType tends to choke when set to dynamic publishing, though... so maybe I should leave the blogging and the comic posting separate for now. Seriously, though, it'd be really convenient to have the actual comic pages rendered on the fly. More on that later.

A new vertical shooter dropped on XBLA the other day! Triggerheart Exelica is pretty short, but god dang if it isn't fun. This has been a good couple of months for sh'mups on the 360! But seriously, where's my Ikaruga?

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