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We Were Laughing at a Pigeon.


Hello again, internet! I'll admit, this week's page doesn't really say one way or the other what the D'bos are... but it answers a few questions as to what they're not! Oh, I am such a TEASE.

There were a bunch of cool gifts the last couple of weeks! Thanks again to lavalizard, Gabo, and Rapps for a wonderful combination of cute, sexy, and awesome. You guys rock!

This week I'm hoping to knock off a couple more of those tarot cards. It's slow-going, but they really are turning out well. I'm exceedingly happy with them, which tends to be rare with me, being the perfectionist type.

We seem to have hit a lull in good video gaming, again. These droughts are becoming more and more frequent, I've noticed... I'm starting to wonder if this is a bad sign for console gaming, or if I'm just turning into an old man. We really need a new Smash Bros. right now, at any rate, and Little Mac had better be in it.

Okay, maybe I really just want a new Punch-Out game.

Hey Sandy! Does Your Dog Bite?


Hey now! How's that! This resolution switch really is working out fantastically. Not only do I have enough time in the week to do a comic, but I also have time to do other things, as well! I feel like a new man. As for the comic... let the speculation begin! All your perverse questions will probably be answered in the next episode. Maybe.

I'm supplementing myself with income from odd jobs, but I really need to find a real one soon. Being broke kinda sucks!

Holy wow, mail sure piles up fast. Back to the front lines for me! I'll hopefully be finishing off the last of the backlog this week. Those of you who've written in, thanks for being patient!

I was gonna wait until Tuesday to update, but I figure that the current update pattern is already so irregular that there's really no sense in waiting. So hey, Sunday update! You may notice that the comic looks a bit different this week. This latest page was produced in about half the time that it normally takes me, which I think is as good a reason as any to make the switch. I'm still feeling my way around making a comic at print rez, and I'm most likely gonna have to switch fonts again (because Chinacat is definitely not cutting it as a screen font, even though it looks great in print The font's now been swapped.), but the whole process has suddenly become a lot more enjoyable. Refreshing, even!

I've also given the site a complete overhaul, utilizing the MoveableType engine to a much greater degree. Before, I was barely scratching the surface with it and was essentially just using it for the front page... but now, the news archives use it as their backbone. One of the neat things about this that you can now search the news archives for keywords (like "oekaki") and other things. Not that I say anything particularly interesting most of the time, but hey. That's technology for you. I've also fixed a long-standing issue with links from the news archives turning up 404s. All that's left to do is get comic syndication into the RSS feed automatically every week, and we're SET.

I'm still crazy behind on mail, so I'm gonna get back to that. Hope y'all enjoy the new look!

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