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Ruby and Mai have a conflict of interests in Episode 212. Ruby is ready and raring to march Zukie and Pepito down the plank, but Mai is hesitant about sending these strange new friends to their certain doom. Did they really make the right decision?

As an unusual bonus to this week's comic, here's an alternate ending. The end result would have been the same on the following page, but the tone of the exchange was a little different (and much snarkier). I don't really have a place for these poses now, so I figured I'd share 'em for the hell of it! I'll bet you didn't know webcomics were DVDs now.

This is obviously old news at this point, but that Todd Goldman fellah sure is getting his big-ass bubble burst. Can I just say how awesome it is that the Internet is able to come together and unanimously right a wrong? Good on you, Internet!

Queen makes an offer that Ruby and Mai can't refuse in Episode 211; with their normality at stake, something's gotta give!

Grindhouse was everything I could have hoped for. I've been dying for a new zombie movie (it's my favorite horror genre, y'know!), and Planet Terror definitely delivers. Hooray for blood and guts! The soundtrack is basically Rodriguez channeling John Carpenter (for those of you that enjoy the musical stylings of Escape from New York, and the like). Death Proof was not as impressive in the music department, but just as enjoyable from a movie perspective. Definitely slower, but the payoff was worth the wait. If you like the kind of cinema that Tarantino and Rodriguez are aping here, you will not be disappointed.

I wish someone would make a high-quality arcade pad for the 360... or that X-Arcade would finally release an adapter for it. My one major gripe with this system is that the D-pad on the standard controllers blow. It's absolutely awful, one of the worst I've ever used, and it makes playing the Live Arcade games that use it for movement kind of a chore. Why does a controller that's otherwise wonderful have such a skanky D-pad? It don't make no sense!

Hello, Vinny. It's Your Uncle Bingo.


Howdy! Episode 210 has been posted, with something of a development! But things are never as simple as they seem...

On a lark, I went back and spruced up my ComicSpace page, which I promptly ignored almost immediately after setting it up. Bad GD! But, to give myself a little more incentive to visit more frequently, I pose the following offer: if there are any individual panels from OHP that you'd like to see a "clean" version of (i.e. without speech bubbles and text), I'll post them in a new comic gallery there. Nude panels are, unfortunately, off limits due to the TOS for the site. But just between you and me, there aren't actually any goodies hidden under the Strategically Placed Objects. That would just be silly!

It keeps getting harder and harder for me to resist the siren call of the PSP, especially when they do mean things like release system exclusives of some of my favorite series and lower the price to something that's actually affordable. Unfair, I say!

Man alive, I need to drum up some traffic around here.

An executive decision had to be made this week on whether or not to post a page that I really wasn't satisfied with... in the end, I decided to rework it rather than post it. I am much more happy with the result, which is Episode 209. I also accidentally drew the wrong accessories on Queen's outfit in the last panel of the previous page... that'll be fixed later today. Whoops!

Man oh man, I really hope that when Photoshop CS3 ships on the 20th of this month, Adobe fixes some of the show-stoppers like ridiculous memory leaks and disappearing cursors. I really, really want a universal binary for Photoshop, because CS2 is more than a little gimpy when it's running under emulation. Please, Adobe, fix your busted program.

Metal Slug Anthology came out for PS2, finally! It's kind of buggy, but WOW is it nice to be able to play Metal Slug 6 finally. It feels more like what 4 and 5 should have been, though it is kinda sad to see the slide taken out... I guess I'm officially spoiled on next-gen, though, because I keep thinking to myself, "Dang, I wonder if I unlocked any Achievements yet." So, uh... 360 version next?

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