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Ladies and gents, a comic! Former King Julian's not quite as suave and silver-tongued as he used to be, but he's definitely still got the Volnoch blood running through his veins. Occasionally, when no-one else is around, Julian Sr. likes to try on his old adventuring wardrobe (most of which is about three sizes too small now).

Not a whole lot going on. I'm currently on Time Crisis kick, sparked by a chance encounter with a Quick & Crash machine after months of having hung up my lightgun. There just aren't very many good shooters coming out anymore, which is sad. I would like, in no particular order, for the following to come out soon: a new Time Crisis, a new Point Blank, and maybe a home version of House of the Dead 4. Get cracking, game industry!

After several months of OHP floating around the tail end of BCx, I figure it couldn't hurt to re-ignite the voting flame. For the month of April, you should vote every day! Let's see how high OHP can go! I think the current goal to beat is somewhere in the low forties!

Oh, and for those who were wondering, I do in fact have an e-mail address. For some reason, I totally forgot to include it anywhere on the site after the redesign. It can be found over to the right, if you're reading from the actual page. RSS readers, I don't know what to tell you! But keep doing what you're doing.

It's Either You or Them.


For whatever reason, I've been feeling more compelled to do big, splashy panels since making the resolution switch. Bigger does tend to be better (though there are exceptions to that rule). But anyway, here's some grounding for folks that might be new to the comic and wondering whether or not Julian really is a prince of anything (he most definitely is).

My project this week is to finish cramming an apartment's worth of stuff into a bedroom. So far, this isn't working too well. I need to find another apartment once I've got some bread again.

Still trying to find some steady income, still living off of the occasional odd job. As I was going through the site code and cleaning up some scruffy bits, I noticed that my Dreamhost referral links were a little outdated... so I fixed them (since they do generate some income for me). I've already done my Dreamhost sales pitch about a hundred times, but if you're looking for ridiculous value, reliability, and customer service, it doesn't get much better than these guys. Check 'em out! Their lowest level plan is 10 bucks a month, and they give you a terabyte of bandwidth, now. A goddamn terabyte. I dare you to try and use that much bandwidth (without doing something illegal and/or naughty)!

Also, are you guys reading Achewood lately? Because you should be. It's been getting more and more epic with every update.

Writhe in My Cage of Torment, My Friend.


To round off this chapter, we rejoin Julian back in the heart of the mercenary scout ship, where the stealth mission continues! Is this where the tables turn back in the favor of good?!

Apologies for the delay in getting the latest page up, there was a bit of foot-related nastiness that needed taking care of in an immediate fashion. My big toe is currently packed in gauze, and there's a dull, throbbing pain coming from where the medical magic took place, but I'm feeling better than I did before I went in to get it checked. It'll be nice to be able to wear shoes again after this is all healed up!

I just realized that I've forgotten about the forum for like... two weeks. Eek! I'll catch up on things there tomorrow, though I'm wondering lately if having a comic forum is redundant with the comment box here, especially since it's less convenient than just posting right here. I'll decide on that shortly!

I finally beat Gradius V, by the way! I thought it'd never happen. Now I need another good shooter. Actually, maybe I'll try to beat R-Type Final now.

Poor Rika's imagination is doing some serious overtime today. Get that girl another drink, stat!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find high-resolution album art for tagging your MP3s? I've been going through my library and adding the art as I find it, but a bunch of my stuff is on the foreign side, and for whatever reason, the Intertron does not contain a very high volume of foreign album art at a decent rez. Amazon's worked in a pinch, but their pictures are so grainy most of the time that I don't even bother. Sigh!

Speaking of, would anyone happen to know where I could find a new copy of the Einhänder soundtrack? It's one of my favorites, but my copy has become completely fucked up after a cleaning device scratched it all to hell, and it refuses to play without skipping. It's also totally out of print. The thanks would be powerful.

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