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I Might Just Get Up and Dance.

Not only is this week's comic on time, it's like 3 hours early! DANG. Bonus points, or something. The reason: I leave for Vegas tomorrow morning, and I'm busy packing/cleaning/doing everything in preparation. Hopefully I won't squander all of my dough in Sin City. I found out that apparently the Las Vegas Comic Con coincides with my visit, so I might have to head on over there and annoy a few people. You lucky dogs!

Let's see, what else... I never really have much to say in these news posts unless new art gets added. I think I've covered all of the latest movies, games, and software updates that I've recently engaged.

Been listening to the Guilty Gear XX #Reload soundtrack a bunch. I think it's really cool, even though everyone else seems to hate it just because it's Korean. WHAT-EVAR. Good music is good music.

Oh, hey! It's a new month, so please, vote your hearts out! Thanks!

Okay, I guess that's enough! See you next week!

Blush Response.

What the...?! What's this doing up on time?! If you want, I can take it back down and put it up on Sunday...

Gift jamboree! There's two from Cheezy, and one from Pyro! Thanks a bunch for the awesome works, you guys!

Don't forget to vote! The extra exposure is much appreciated!

So I picked up Panther tonight. It's pretty damn cool. Exposé is probably the coolest thing to be added to the OS in ages. It's so convenient that it's probably illegal in some states. So far it's done one weird thing, which is that it hard crashed on me while I was adjusting the levels on my sound card. But I haven't been able to reproduce it, so I'll chalk it up to Computer Weirdness. Only a few things were broken by the upgrade (mostly Unsanity stuff), but pretty much all of it was easily fixed with beta updates. So all in all, a pretty smooth transition.

I Feel No Electricty.

Okay, there wasn't really much news. I lied. But there is a late comic! YEAH!

If you want, vote like a madman. Or madwoman. It will raise your awesome power, and give you a +5 to charisma.

To everyone visiting from ORF.at, hello! It's exciting to know that folks from around the world are reading. Hope you enjoy OHP!

Henshin-a-Go-Go, Baby!

So late! Sorry for the delays, it was a pretty awful week. I won't bore you all by going into details, but most of it was car-related. Here, enough about that, it's comic time. I'll try to be on time this week!

Viewtiful Joe finally came out here, which is a very, very good thing in my book. It's not just that the graphics rock (which never hurts), but the fact that the game is so damn fun. It's extra satisfying to be wailing on someone, then going into slow-mo, then zooming in, then going back to full speed as the little Jadow guys go flying away in all directions. Perhaps it's a part of some sort of perverse interest in time warping that "bullet time" has triggered in the very depths of my brain, but god damnit, I like it.

On a somewhat-related note, I went to see Kill Bill Volume 1 on opening night. It's definitely one of the most fun action movies to come out in years. From start to finish, I was glued to the edge of my seat. Every punch, kick, and slice was shot and choreographed with such loving detail that one cannot help but be wowed. I'm frothing over Volume 2, and I don't know if I can wait until February. How rare to be so excited over Hollywood!

There were two marvelous gifts this week, one from Cheezy and one from Klest. Thanks a bunch, guys! Sorry it took me so long to get them up here!

No more news for now!

Forest in April.

Okay, so here's the new schedule! OHP updates on Fridays now! That's right, FRIDAYS! We'll see real fast how long I can actually follow through on that for, but that is the current plan. To commemorate this new schedule, have a comic! Boy, am I generous or what!

Since the Top150 seems to have gone under indefinitely, I signed OHP up over at BuzzComix, which is practically the same thing. You know the drill! It's a new month, so VOTE! Thanks!

There's a new gift from Raine. Thank you!

While I'm still thinking of it, Pepito made a cute little guest appearance a while back in the Bizarre Uprising fancomic located over at their forums. It made me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

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