Sheep May Safely Graze.


Julian has, rather unfortunately, grossly underestimated little Pinky. With nowhere left to run and a bloodthirsty munchkin eager to paint the airlock with his guts, what's a handsome bounty hunting prince to do?! The answer is forthcoming.

I'm getting laid off in a couple weeks. Frankly, I couldn't be happier. It saves me the trouble of having to quit. I'll have a full report for y'all once the deal is done, and you'll get a glimpse into the wild and wacky world of video game development. The truth may shock you.

It seems like a billion webcomix I used to read died or went on indefinite hold along with OHP in 2006. What the nuts happened? What an awful year. Everyone had better come back in 2007, or I'll be a sad panda.


This IS AMAZING! It's like your giving my eyes exactly what they want.

Grr... its always the cute pink thing that makes all the trouble. Squash her quick julian! GO GO

Oh, I know. There was apparently some kind of phenomenon that got all of us at once.

Well you also left in the 2006, making millions of pandas sad worldwide! XD

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