Oh, He's Not Really Such a Wonderful Spy (But Winning Lots of Money and a Gal, He's a Fabulous Guy).

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Ladies and gents, a comic! Former King Julian's not quite as suave and silver-tongued as he used to be, but he's definitely still got the Volnoch blood running through his veins. Occasionally, when no-one else is around, Julian Sr. likes to try on his old adventuring wardrobe (most of which is about three sizes too small now).

Not a whole lot going on. I'm currently on Time Crisis kick, sparked by a chance encounter with a Quick & Crash machine after months of having hung up my lightgun. There just aren't very many good shooters coming out anymore, which is sad. I would like, in no particular order, for the following to come out soon: a new Time Crisis, a new Point Blank, and maybe a home version of House of the Dead 4. Get cracking, game industry!

After several months of OHP floating around the tail end of BCx, I figure it couldn't hurt to re-ignite the voting flame. For the month of April, you should vote every day! Let's see how high OHP can go! I think the current goal to beat is somewhere in the low forties!

Oh, and for those who were wondering, I do in fact have an e-mail address. For some reason, I totally forgot to include it anywhere on the site after the redesign. It can be found over to the right, if you're reading from the actual page. RSS readers, I don't know what to tell you! But keep doing what you're doing.

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Still trying out the big panels eh?
Wonder what Oliva is...was that mentioned in the story already? 'o'

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