It's Either You or Them.


For whatever reason, I've been feeling more compelled to do big, splashy panels since making the resolution switch. Bigger does tend to be better (though there are exceptions to that rule). But anyway, here's some grounding for folks that might be new to the comic and wondering whether or not Julian really is a prince of anything (he most definitely is).

My project this week is to finish cramming an apartment's worth of stuff into a bedroom. So far, this isn't working too well. I need to find another apartment once I've got some bread again.

Still trying to find some steady income, still living off of the occasional odd job. As I was going through the site code and cleaning up some scruffy bits, I noticed that my Dreamhost referral links were a little outdated... so I fixed them (since they do generate some income for me). I've already done my Dreamhost sales pitch about a hundred times, but if you're looking for ridiculous value, reliability, and customer service, it doesn't get much better than these guys. Check 'em out! Their lowest level plan is 10 bucks a month, and they give you a terabyte of bandwidth, now. A goddamn terabyte. I dare you to try and use that much bandwidth (without doing something illegal and/or naughty)!

Also, are you guys reading Achewood lately? Because you should be. It's been getting more and more epic with every update.


ah ha, the top of the page, thats logical trickary i say

Hey, Zef here. I really oughta do more fanart for you XD Props to the new style, it's really slick. anyway, Did you get the inspiration for the 'ALT' tags from Achewood? X3 why don't you file them? they're too funny to be lost with each update...

Have some more props, straight from Mexico, raza.

The art section is still most definitely right here. The link is to the right of the cast heading and to the left of the forum heading right above the latest comic page.

this is less to do with the comic this week and more to do with the page
i enjoy the new layout, it's clean and spick and even got some span in there, but i cant find the link to your art section
maby i can't find it
maby you forgot it/removed it
ether way i cant speel but i would appreacate some help in finding your art section, so yea
thanks a bit, or alot if ya help

Grampas are the best. :3

Yay! Granddad!!

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