Writhe in My Cage of Torment, My Friend.


To round off this chapter, we rejoin Julian back in the heart of the mercenary scout ship, where the stealth mission continues! Is this where the tables turn back in the favor of good?!

Apologies for the delay in getting the latest page up, there was a bit of foot-related nastiness that needed taking care of in an immediate fashion. My big toe is currently packed in gauze, and there's a dull, throbbing pain coming from where the medical magic took place, but I'm feeling better than I did before I went in to get it checked. It'll be nice to be able to wear shoes again after this is all healed up!

I just realized that I've forgotten about the forum for like... two weeks. Eek! I'll catch up on things there tomorrow, though I'm wondering lately if having a comic forum is redundant with the comment box here, especially since it's less convenient than just posting right here. I'll decide on that shortly!

I finally beat Gradius V, by the way! I thought it'd never happen. Now I need another good shooter. Actually, maybe I'll try to beat R-Type Final now.


TCGiant: Unlocking the ships is tedious, to be sure (since it seems like you unlock most of them by playing the ships you've already unlocked for indeterminate periods of time). But for whatever reason, I have a really hard time with Final versus the older R-Types.

wow this comic is geting better and better I just found out about this comic its very cute and funny Hope you up date soon :>

R-Type Final isn't a hard game by any standard. Long, perhaps, but not really hard. More than anything it's tedious, considering how much play time must be invested in order to release all 101 ships.

:Head explodes:

Tee hee, I love the "swivel" pic.

And the underneath view is funky. I've missed his fantastic pink hair.

Good luck with foot healing!

Haven't seen Julian in a while.xD
...Forgot what a wimp he is. -Points to pink hair and perfect buttcheeks-

Sorry about your foot. It's the third worse pain.Dx

I think that view of the ear is a first, isn't it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yes Jule, it IS that simple.

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