Give Me What I'm Entitled To (You Owe Me Love, My Love).


Poor Rika's imagination is doing some serious overtime today. Get that girl another drink, stat!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find high-resolution album art for tagging your MP3s? I've been going through my library and adding the art as I find it, but a bunch of my stuff is on the foreign side, and for whatever reason, the Intertron does not contain a very high volume of foreign album art at a decent rez. Amazon's worked in a pinch, but their pictures are so grainy most of the time that I don't even bother. Sigh!

Speaking of, would anyone happen to know where I could find a new copy of the Einhänder soundtrack? It's one of my favorites, but my copy has become completely fucked up after a cleaning device scratched it all to hell, and it refuses to play without skipping. It's also totally out of print. The thanks would be powerful.


Now that's service! Arof's link had what I needed. Thanks very much! And thank you to all who took a few minutes out of their day to lend a poor cartoonist a hand with links and info in a time of need.

I'm gonna have to look into these resurfacing options. I've tried copying the CD to try and cheat the scratches, but no luck there. I think I'd rather pay someone to resurface it properly than try to do it myself with a kit. Guess tomorrow I hit up the city library for the first time since high school!

Incoming enemy from the rear; drop altitude.

You can cut away a fair bit of a CD before it breaks, the information is on the label side so you can get rid of just about all scratches. You just have to be patient enough. And make sure you work the surface down evenly, if you get it crooked it wont play.

Sorry it took me another day to upload, didn't have comp access for more than two minutes yesterday.

Anyway, in case I chose the wrong e-mail (there was no link I could find) or in case it gets filtered out, the link for the Yousendit is

If anyone else wants it feel free to take.

see, now you owe us a /d/ picture of pepito. ;P

that was damn funny :)

Is it wrong that I find Pepito sexy with that bulge? D:

When I get home I'll zip up a copy of mine and mail (or YouSendIt if I'm feeling lazy) to you. Will your e-mail here take it?


Like eDonkey much, GD?

best wtf look ever...

Pepitos hands in the middle panel ARE BEAUTIFUL

the way you draw the nails and pose, i adore it

Hey, doll. Haven't visited in a while, and for the life of me, was trying to find your e-mail but I can't! Anyway, I'm surprised you have that crap gift art I did w/ old Kitten. She's such a big-tittied sexpot now. lol

Hope we're still cool, 'yo. I'll have to do art for you again. *kisses*

And the suspence follows yet another week. Keeping our minds "down there" for three weeks isn't nice. Please end it, I don't think I'll survive a month. xF

Pepito's hands look so awesome in the third panel (along with other things)

Btw, I keep forgetting to comment on it, but I love Pepito's dress ^.^

At first I thought she was pregnant, in the second panel she's really plump. C:
But Having Rika think it was something ELSE.xD

Assuming you cannot find a replacement copy for your CD, you may still have a few options:

1) Re-polish it with a better cleaning device to remove or lessen the scratches. If you live near a big anough library, they may have their own industrial grade CD resurfacer that can take out all but the worst scratches - but then, there's usually no reason for them to let you use it... The local "CD Warehouse" used disc store has some sort of polisher and charges a buck or two to polish discs.

2) Copy the disc. Some programs (I recommend Exact Audio Copy) have settings that attempt some pretty serious error-correction, and it's possible that what won't play on your player MIGHT copy decently.

Hah! I KNEW IT. I totally called that, dude.

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