Open-Face Knuckle Sandwich.


Comic's up. Will that poor girl finally get back inside and get some clothes on?! Haven't we been asking this very same question for weeks?! LAWDY!

I did a little oekaki. First one in a while; I keep stopping, because I've been having trouble thinking of random stuff to draw. So here's something random. Enjoy!

There is some totally awesome gift art this week! Like, completely amazingly awesome. Two gifts from Monsieur Ink: One is a recruitment poster for aspiring bounty hunters (so cool, check it out!), and the second is a little costume play for Halloween. From RSJ, somethin' a bit NORTY... Julian's doing some Halloween dress-up of his own (probably not safe for work!). From Quark, a darling little maid Pepito amidst a sea of SEXY and CUTE ladies (and Carrot, who is not a lady). From Gravitation, a familiar scene from early on involving a sandwich. And from Erin, a snazzy little link button featuring Moped Rika. Thanks so much, you guys! Gift art is seriously the best part of doing a webcomic.

Also, I added a few links on the right there. One to my journal (which contains lots of boring GD ranting), one to my SA account (it's pretty much the same stuff here, only with less digging), and one to OHP's history (which got lost in the news archives before, whoops!). I'll be adding more to the history lesson soon.

In closing, can I ask the people or robots who are spamming my MT comments with ads for coffee and card games to please drop dead? Of cancer? Thanks.


Love is a fist.

여보세요 거기서!

Very nice ^^ It is nice to see more climax in this comic~ I cant wait for the next~

"No, it's not."
Ruby/Mai's so cute when she's exasperated! That bump looks painful, though. Ouch.

"You know you're a moron, right?"
"I know, I KNOW!!"

Hahahahah, comedy gold!

hooray for boob-squishage!

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