It'll Be Even Bigger Than the Badger-Blaster!


Things are finally starting to come together, as things often do in comics if you give them enough time. Don't ask me how she was planning on defending herself with an umbrella, I don't know either.

Not much news this week! I beat Silent Hill 4, so now I can finally give it a (permanent) rest. Neo Contra was a huge disappointment, since it was way too easy. What a waste of 40 bucks! There isn't even a harder difficulty to pick. And that's honestly the only thing wrong with the game. If it was just HARDER, it'd be grand.

Piss. No sooner do I sign up for PayDirect than Yahoo! decides to shut it down. CRY.

I have nothing else to complain about currently!


The best bitches on the web

Freud? FREUD? Did you just Freud me?!

The umbrella is a phallic object. She was using it to create the illusion of masculinity and therefore strengthen her ego.

Her body "bounces" quite a bit when the hand slams into the window... rather noticable visual effect there.

I played FF7, got beat up by the first boss and never played another video game again! What a waist of 40 bucks! ;-)

Now this, this...this is perfect.

I mean, God, she has to pull her into the bedroom.
-needs more sleep-

I'd be scared as hell like Rika if a hand smashed against my window, 'cause I too just finished Silent Hill 4 for good.. It took me my second play to notice that crazy head fly around the apartment window. Who's head was that anyway??
WWhoHoHOOOhoOo *shiver*

You'd be suprised how much being impaled with an umbrella hurts. XD

*shifty eyes* Not from personal experience, of course.

Lmao, Rika's expression is priceless in the 4th panel, 'everything' seems to jump. XD

Awesome work GD

Maybe she's a big Batman fan- the Pingwin teaches us that a proper unbrella can be a deadly weapon.

Hmmm, so Neo Contra is EASY? Almost makes me want to try it out, since I can never seem to finish hard games anymore. Though why the hell didn't they use a Smash TV style control setup for it?

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