I Was Looking Back to See if You Were Looking Back at Me to See Me Looking Back at You.


We interrupt this pitched battle between B. Queen and Pepito to bring you back up to speed on Rika's dilemma! What, you didn't think I'd take full advantage of that cliffhanger? Tsk tsk.

The vast majority of you have the suspicion that either Ruby or Julian are the prime target of Queen's intergalactic manhunt... interesting, indeed! Well, while you continue to chew on that one, I've whipped up another poll. I'm actually sort of interested in how people have been finding OHP, so... tell me, why don'tcha!

I guess there's some sort of new e-mail virus that's going around for you Windows blokes out there, judging by the recent surge of Internet Vomit landing in my inbox. People, seriously, do yourself and your friends a favor: buy a virus scanner. Or better yet, buy a Mac.

For everyone who hasn't yet witnessed the sheer awesome that is Sockbaby, click that link. Y'all remember Earthworm Jim and the Neverhood, right? Creator Doug TenNapel tries his hand at live-action martial arts (on a shoestring budget), and the result is fucking hilarious. Watch, and be amazed. Sham bam bamina!

Alien Hominid comes out in a few days! So does Neo Contra! I'm a happy camper.


Waa~ i like the circle-y eyes! I am happy you used them again. This comic is very good. Try to publish into graphic novel form like the Cute Wendy Comic if you can get enough publicity ^^


...And I like OHP. Alot. Too tired to be constructive today, so I'll just give GD some love-spam.


STRANGELY ENOUGH I REMEMBER. Kungfool liked to UFO and then I explored a bit more and found your comic.

I'm probably one of the few people who remembers what GD stands for. I'm a leftover from the days of SPC who stuck around for the nice comic you've made. Keep up the good work on OHP. ^_^

Fuck YEAH!

Hee hee, I love it!

...umm, that 'comments' quote sounds familiar? I've heard it in some music... Massive Attack maybe?


Your comic is awesome! Love the graphics, love the story, I just completly love it :D!
Hmm...If Rika fall for Mai...that mean she falls for Ruby...and what will happen afterward!? Gah! Can't wait to know!

Keep on working, you rock!

Yes, buy a mac. Now. The power of evil compels you!

tsk, poor rika. i think she needs a huuuug.


*would gladly offer*

I was waiting all day for this!!


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