My, Earth Really Is Full of Things.


A splash this week, as I'm heading out of town for der Geburtstag meiner Mutter. This spread is a spoof on a relatively well-known comic cover by Hirohiko Araki, of JoJo fame... because I am a big nerd. And because it's an uncanny fit! Too bad Pepito doesn't have Star Platinum to help her out...

I'm probably forgetting something, but I can't think of any news off the top of my head. Till next week, folks!

P.S. I've enabled comments on my news posts.


OOOOOOOOOOOOO Shit another widows virus.... ppl must really hate us regualr easy going users. anyway nice art GD and I agree with hetai kid when he says that pulling pepto's antenna off might hurt a bit... just a little...

It's the dative case, nihilix.

Oh yah, comments. Um.

Great art, fun story, excellent characters; it's good!

Sweeet artwork. I love your comic, have been following it from the start, and this artwork is great.

"Worked well for H. Kim" for a given value of "well" i.e. if you enjoy collecting your own retard posse. Ah, I kid, I kid.

for the birthday of my mother... ahh, that's like one of my German class tests. What case is that? I forget...

time, manner, place...

lovely comic. i wish it came out more often.

I THOUGHT that splash looked familiar. Araki is amazing.

Also, you ain't bad neither. Keep plugging.


Hooray for Jojo's Bizarre adventures! I think you should do more spoofs like this, they're fun.

Woo! Sweet! This worked really well for Hyung S Kim and Josh Lesnick, hopefully it works for you too.

I love your comic GD, truly a work of awesomeness.

Hey, look! I get to talk!
Ugh, no antennae pulling!
That black eyes looks majorly spiffy.
Titty biscuits to this comic!!!
(That's a good thing.)


One? Let's say two or three...
No need to go to the forums, no need to register, but most importantly no need to look for or decide upon the thread you wanted to comment... direct comment on your words ^^ perfect for impulsive answers like this one... ^^;
Of course, as soon as more than a few people comment, it's back to "reading a thread"...

I decided to enable comments on my news entries from this point on. I'm interested to see if this will generate a little more feedback on the comic, since there's one less step than it takes to register at the forums.

The old entries won't have comments enabled, because... that's the past. QUIT LIVING IN THE PAST, MAN.

Okay, then.

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