They Broke His Pelvis.


Good morning, webcomics connoisseur! Today is your lucky day, because it just so happens that Episode 294 is ready and raring to go. After a brief interlude that involved plenty of gratuitous nudity (as showers often do), the girls begin the day's adventure as anyone would: in search of fried batter covered in hot sap. On the way, Rika's newly bruised behind becomes the subject of a heated royalties debate. Who really profits when your butt makes it big?

I must apologize for the lack of news and updates lately. As you may know, I've been looking into buying a condo for about six months. I am glad to say that my search is at an end, and I am now a homeowner. It's a huge step for me, and I'm hoping that this change in my life will afford me the extra peace of mind I need to get back to what really matters to me, which is my art, my friends and my family. It's been a... unique learning experience, and an expensive one. But at the end of the day, I'm really happy with what I've got. A ten-minute commute, a central location to the entire peninsula... Daly City, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Rather than giving you folks just the splash page (as is the OHP holiday tradition), I decided to go ahead and do the next page. Hopefully it was worth the wait! The holiday spread will be postponed until a suitably awesome holiday arrives in 2012. Prepare for it! On a similar note, it's been a while since oekaki happened. I'll rectify that, as well.

See you next page!


Wait, the link is the same and works just fine on the main page, it's when I click on it on the news page that it comes out as and doesn't work.

Yes, I remember that comic. It was just a random thought. By the way, your link is broken, but this works.

The formatting is gone on this page and the rest of the old news archives too. Did something break or is it just a problem on my end?

GD, I need an update! I'm going through withdrawal here!

Clearly Mai is not up to date on weird fetishes, but Rika is. Now I'm randomly wondering about their internet pr0n browsing habits.

Will the next oekaki follow the current comic and feature some sexy spanking, or would that be too obvious?

Ehm.. in second panel it seems that Rika's talking about eating african children.. or it's only to me?

The strip is dated 03.06.11 ...

Thanks for the awesome new comic and congrats on your new home!

Aw yisss

You could set pulsar periodicity by the regularity of these updates!

Whoops. I'll fix that when I get home tonight. Thanks!

Hey, not sure if this is a mistake or not, but it says, "Well, if it weren't for me, wouldn't have gotten your start." on the second to last panel.

World famous Butt..ermilk pancakes.


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