A Little Poker Tomorrow Night?


Greetings, reader! Today I'm celebrating crawling one year closer to death by sharing Episode 293 with you! Mai uses the tried and true method of peer pressure to coerce Rika into a day of utter slacking... but at what cost? Will she ever know the gentle caress of a chair again?

It has certainly been a busy season. I am currently miles and miles away from OHP Base Camp, supervising holiday processions and ensuring the new year arrives without a hitch in West Virginia. So far, everything's gone according to plan; I've even been offered tasty treats by the locals. Combined with a mild winter, this truly is a Christmas Miracle.

I was pretty bummed to find out that Ricky Garduno is no longer with us. I never knew him personally, but I was a silent admirer of his work. Though his absence will definitely leave a void in the world of webcomics, one can hope that he's finally found the peace that he'd been craving. He was a talented guy and he will be missed.

On a less sad note, the Holiday Special will make its annual reappearance upon my return at the beginning of January some point. Until then, stay frosty and have a bodacious holiday season!


Thanks, and congrats to you, as well! It's quite a relief to be done with it, but the real fun's just beginning.

Gratz GD. Just bought a house myself so I know what it must have been like. Months of gutting, probing, and scrutiny like you're some kind of cadaver in med school.

update please

Bookmarked and subscribed! :)

Saucy! And I'm not talking about the syrup. Can you take a sick day for a sore tuchus?

glad to see this comic is still up and running. its been awhile since i been on here.

To think that four years ago, I had stumbled upon your website from an accidental typo, and a little curious change from .com to .net to see what would happen. XD
I'm glad that you still continue to make art, regardless of what the times may have presented to you. Love your drawings and storyline, and I hope that you continue doing what you love to do. :P

hi, I really love your work,and the site;it's one of the best I've seen.I'm kinda beginning,,like this.But,please,I cannot get into Fearsome Oekaki,doreet,and I am a member;still,cannot get in,or change password.please help me!!email me,please,thanks!! :)

Another great comic keep up the wonderful work.

Mai's gotten a bit ballsier in Ruby's body. Me likey.

Rubyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Ruby! Ruby.

*finger wiggle* paaaancakes.

Smackity smack. That's gotta hurt.
Aaahhh a day of laziness. Best days ever.

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