No Matter Where You Go... There You Are.


Out of the wild blue yonder comes Episode 290, and no sooner does it show up than it takes off running. Like a full-on sprint, because dinner's on the line, here. And good luck if that red thing gets there first!

This is the last update in space for a while! Next page, we'll be rejoining the girls on Earth. Surely you haven't forgotten about Rika, Mai and Ruby! Shenanigans happen outside of the confines of space-faring vessels, too.

There were a couple of new gifts since last time! Stormbadger and Sigma serve up a double dose of Ruby, because there's a lot of her to go around. Ruby's doing battle with Cecil, there. May the most intoxicated win! Thanks again, youse guys!

This has been a good couple of months for games. My main man, Eric Chahi, finally released his newest thang. While I would have preferred a puzzle platformer (as I'm not super keen on strategy games or god sims), From Dust is proving to be pretty engaging... technical shortcomings aside. I also got sucked into Catherine for a bit, which is really goddamn good. When developers try to make "mature" titles, folks, this is what they're striving to be. Brutally hard puzzle games still have a market with many of us, Game Industry. Don't let the braying of a vocal minority stifle creativity!

Sega's sending me to Seattle to staff PAX, so I'll be out of town this week. New pages soon to follow!



Holy shit, you were at PAX? damn! If I knew that, I would have come looking for you! Anyway, glad you're still with us. :)

The new update is delicious! Keep 'em comin', GD!

I can't wait for the next one. Have fun in Seattle GD!


Woo food rush! The best rush of all.

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