Tragic... But Informative. Or So I'm Told.


Hello again, startled reader! That strange sensation you're feeling is the unexpected appearance of Episode 289; the persistent rash is something else entirely. The Red Thing's hunger crisis may finally be at an end; the more edible members of the cast are no doubt elated. This may put something of a kink in Julian's well-oiled plan, but that mostly went out the window the moment the plan got dissolved in stomach acid. So now what?!

A couple of new oekaki showed up in between pages. Fancy! There have been several requests for OHP-related shenanigans, so I'll see what I can do about that. And my goodness, I've almost hit 250!

As always, thanks for reading! More soon, I hope.


Moar comics :D

Great to see another comic! Looks like the big monster will finally get to chow down, but I'm thinking it would have been easier if they just let her eat that crew member. I mean, he had to be put out of his misery anyway. But I'm just nitpicking, the story rolls on, and I'm happy for that.

Your last panel reminds me of the old TI-99 game Hunt the Wumpus.



Finally! Love you long time!... which is exactly the amount of time between updates. :P

I'm... So... HAPPY!!

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