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Hello again, readers! An Episode 291 is now available. Been a while since we've checked in on the rest of the girls, so it's high time we corrected that. You can learn a lot about a person observing them first thing in the morning. You can also trick them into drinking things that may or not be considered coffee by the strict definition of the word. But hey, what are friends for besides sharing pain in the name of love?

Speaking of which, you should probably play The Binding of Isaac if you have even a passing interest in The Legend of Zelda, Smash T.V. or Super Meat Boy. Just sayin'. It's great and it'll make you feel great.

More comics soon!


Technically, that's NOT Ruby. That's Mai, in Ruby's body. They got switched due to a malfunction with the containment cylinder, remember?

Nothing like a little hot coffee in the morning to perk you up, eh? Starting to wonder when Mai and Ruby will ever be back to normal.

WOOHOO! New stuff! To be honest I'd forgotten all about the Ruby/Mai thing - time to reread everything! Thanks a bunch for updating

Black as midnight on a moonless night..

My friend told me about the Binding of Isaac, and I must say it does look rather fun. This update is glorious, by the way.


Coffee time is the best time... after food time.

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